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Mindera Health Pilot Program to Improve Psoriasis Management


Mindera Health and a national health insurance company launched a pilot program to improve moderate-to-severe psoriasis management with precision medicine.

The developer of the Dermal Intelligence platform, Mindera Health, in tandem with an unnamed national health insurance company, has started a pilot program in California and Texas to assess the company’s Mind.Px. The way Mind.Px works is through a painless dermal biomarker patch (DBP) which then uses precision medicine. The program will be used to analyze the physician utilization, patient outcomes, drug switching and overall net savings versus a control group in psoriasis, according to the press release.

“Mind.Px is meant to reduce the trial-and-error process of prescribing biologics and help pharmacy benefit managers and insurance providers cut down on excessive spending while improving patient outcomes,” said Ann Deren-Lewis, chief commercial officer of Mindera Health.

The Mind.Px DBP patch aims to match each moderate to severe psoriasis patient with the most effective therapy for the patient and in return creating savings for the healthcare system and improving patient outcomes. Both the DBP patch and AI technology are used to predict (91% PPV) the appropriate biologic drug class for an individual patient prior to treatment. According to the release, by determining the correct treatment for a patient could potentially save up to $15,000 per patient, the press release explained, by avoiding trying several therapies and could provide savings for insurance plans as well.

“Utilizing a pilot to validate our predicted costs saving while improving patient outcomes is the first of many steps in the accelerating national coverage of Mind.Px” said George Mahaffey, president, and CEO of Mindera Health, in the release.


Mindera Health launches pilot with national health insurance company to improve management of moderate-to-severe psoriasis patients through precision medicine. Mindera Health. Published April 28, 2022. Accessed May 4, 2022. https://minderahealth.com/mindera-health-launches-pilot-with-national-health-insurance-company-to-improve-management-of-moderate-to-severe-psoriasis-patients-through-precision-medicine/

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