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The Weekly Roundup: January 8-12


ICYMI, this week we had articles about higher response rates were observed in HS patients treated with lutikizumab, a placebo-controlled study of cryosim-1 in prurigo nodularis, industry recommendations for drug products containing benzene, and more.

Psychological Support for Patients With Psoriasis Significantly Expedites Post-Surgery Wound Healing

A meta-analysis revealed that a post-operative care routine that involves psychological well-being leads to improved patient outcomes.

Lutikizumab Demonstrates Positive Results in Phase 2 Trial for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Higher response rates were observed in patients treated with lutikizumab. The drug will now advance to phase 3 clinical trials.

PF-07038124 Demonstrates Superior Efficacy in Mild to Moderate Atopic Dermatitis, Plaque Psoriasis

The topical therapy was more effective in patients with psoriasis and AD when compared to a vehicle control cream.

Reliable Correlation Explored Between RCM and Wood’s Lamp Assessment in Vitiligo, Study Details

Researchers analyzed the characteristics of Wood's lamp and reflective confocal laser scanning microcopy in guiding vitiligo staging.

Managing Pemphigoid Gestationis in Pregnancy: Clinical Insights and Treatment Recommendations

Systemic corticosteroids are often used as primary therapy for PG, but alternatives should be considered for their favorable safety profile.

Journal Digest: January 9

This week’s collection of the latest dermatologic studies covers ligelizumab for the treatment of chronic spontaneous urticaria, AI for the early detection of skin cancer, blood pressure monitoring for minoxidil therapy in alopecia patients, and aminolevulinic acid 20% solution plus blue light PDT for the treatment of AKs.

An Unwavering Commitment to Innovation

Dermatology Times is excited to ring in 2024 with a fresh perspective to amplify our impact, foster creativity, and deliver even more exceptional, compelling content to you—our cherished audience.

Cryosim-1 Safe, Effective in Patients With Prurigo Nodularis

A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of the selective transient receptor potential melastatin 8 agonist explored its efficacy and safety in PN.

Lower Quality of Life, Higher Levels of Anxiety and Depression Noted in Patients with Alopecia Versus Vitiligo

Researchers compared the quality of life, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, and other associated factors between patients with alopecia areata and vitiligo.

The Relationship Between Alcohol Consumption and Atopic Dermatitis

Test your knowledge and explore a recent study on the relationship between alcohol consumption and skin diseases, including atopic dermatitis.

Exploring the Therapeutic Potential of Lavender Essential Oil in Atopic Dermatitis

Study findings suggest that Lavandula species, with their historical use in folk medicine, could emerge as valuable additions to AD treatment regimens. However, it's crucial to note that the efficacy of these oils is concentration-dependent.

Positive Biomarker Data Shared Following Phase 1b Trial of VYN201 in Vitiligo

Researchers said this data is demonstrative of VYN201's positive effects on multiple vitiligo-related biomarkers.

Hello, 2024! What Surprises Are in Store for Dermatology This Year?

Winter Editor in Chief Christopher Bunick, MD, PhD, looks ahead to a year of dermatology innovations with a reflection on meaningful advances from 2023.

Pointers With Portela: Treating Acne Without Isotretinoin

In this week’s Pointers With Portela, the 208SkinDoc reviews 7 different methods to treat acne without isotretinoin.

Why AI is Not the Solution to All Dermatology Challenges

The integration of digital tools, including telemedicine, into routine clinical care is not without its hurdles.

Study Identifies Genetic Polymorphisms as Predictive Markers of Psoriasis Treatment Efficacy

Researchers say that application of these findings in clinical settings could enhance treatment optimization.

Market Study Reports Secukinumab Emerged as a Leading Treatment for HS

To gauge the impact and evolving landscape of HS treatment post-secukinumab approval, Spherix Global Insights conducted research with more than 100 US dermatologists.

FDA Provides New Industry Recommendations for the Reformulation of Drug Products Containing Carbomers Manufactured With Benzene

Currently, some United States Pharmacopeia carbomer monographs allow unacceptable levels of benzene

Low Incidence of Elevated Liver Enzymes Exhibited Among Patients Using Isotretinoin

Researchers found that high levels of AST and ALT in patients with acne taking oral isotretinoin was low in incidence.

Dermavant Shares Positive Safety and Efficacy Data From Analysis of ADORING Program for Atopic Dermatitis

The additional efficacy data highlights tapinarof cream 1% and its impact on EASI, PP-NRS, ViGA-AD, and more.

Silver Linings With the Silverbergs: Showcasing Vitiligo and Atopic Dermatitis Research

Innovative practice pearls for both vitiligo and atopic dermatitis treatment were shared with nearly 200 clinicians to put into practice at the virtual Revolutionizing Vitiligo and Revolutionizing Atopic Dermatitis Conferences.

Hair Supplements and Diet: Can They Make a Difference?

Identifying the underlying cause of hair thinning or loss is often a diagnosis of exclusion.

POLL: Are You Attending the 2024 Winter Clinical Dermatology Conference in Hawaii?

Click here to answer our poll.

Study: Long-Term Use of Topical Corticosteroids Linked to Osteoporosis

Patients may be at risk of bone damage from topical corticosteroids as well as systemic corticosteroids, according to a large study from Taiwan.

Phase 1 Maximal Use Trial of Tirbanibulin Ointment 1% in Actinic Keratosis Exhibits Favorable Safety and Tolerability

The study explored the use of the ointment in an area of 100 cm squared.

Ensure Your Patients Don’t Drop the Ball

This article will discuss insights from research studies and offer specialized guidance aimed at dermatologists in hopes of fostering patient adherence in acne management.

Case Report Quiz: Psoriasis Diagnosis Second Opinion

When examining Ezra’s skin, you note well-defined erythematous scaly plaques with well-defined, serpiginous, raised borders and yellow crusting on the anterior shins and forearms.

Previewing Editorial Advisory Board Member Sessions at the 2024 Winter Clinical Hawaii Meeting

Among the many sessions to be held at the 2024 Winter Clinical Dermatology Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, several Dermatology Times Editorial Advisory Board members are preparing to share their knowledge and insights.

Smoking Cigarettes Associated With Higher Odds of Disease Progression in Male Pattern Hair Loss

This is the first known meta-analysis to review the association between extent of smoking androgenetic alopecia.

Aloha to New Delgocitinib and Tralokinumab Data

Ten posters at the Winter Clinical Hawaii and Maui Derm Conferences will showcase investigational data to expand treatment options for patients with atopic dermatitis and chronic hand eczema.

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