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Market Study Reports Secukinumab Emerged as a Leading Treatment for HS


To gauge the impact and evolving landscape of HS treatment post-secukinumab approval, Spherix Global Insights conducted research with more than 100 US dermatologists.

In a significant development for patients with hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), the FDA granted approval to secukinumab (Cosentyx, Novartis) last fall. This marked a milestone as secukinumab became the second biologic, alongside adalimumab (Humira, Abbvie), to receive approval for the treatment of HS.

LASZLO/Adobe Stock

LASZLO/Adobe Stock

To gauge the impact and evolving landscape of HS treatment post-secukinumab approval, Spherix Global Insights conducted research with more than 100 US dermatologists in November 2023. The fourth annual update of Market Dynamix™: Hidradenitis Suppurativa sheds light on the early post-launch scenario, revealing a clear affinity among prescribers for secukinumab.

Less than a month after approval, over half of the participating dermatologists had already prescribed secukinumab to at least 1 patient with HS. Early feedback indicated positive experiences and overall satisfaction on par with adalimumab. Notably, secukinumab appeared to outperform adalimumab in overall response rate, patient satisfaction, and duration of response, as reported by survey participants.

Despite efficacy concerns being a top barrier for adalimumab use, secukinumab's uptake remained robust. Patient reluctance was also reported as a primary barrier for both biologics. Reimbursement challenges, typical for brands in new indications, were cited as obstacles, but qualitative reports from secukinumab users suggested that Novartis actively addressed reimbursement and patient support services. One participant noted in a press release, “Right now Novartis is being really good and helping us with their bridge and access programs to get it approved...It is getting easier...”

Dermatologists, backed by positive experiences with secukinumab in psoriasis, anticipate a significant increase in its use over the first half of 2024. The projected brand share for the IL-17A inhibitor is expected to nearly quadruple during this period.

However, despite the enthusiasm for secukinumab, the overall estimated unmet need for HS treatments remains unchanged. Neither secukinumab nor adalimumab excels in sustained efficacy, decreasing abscess and inflammatory nodules, or reducing skin pain. Dermatologists also emphasize the current need for treatments addressing tunneling and scarring, suggesting an ongoing unmet need in the field.

As Spherix tracks the launch of secukinumab in HS for the first 18 months via its Launch Dynamix™ service, monthly evaluations of key performance metrics and quarterly in-depth research will provide valuable insights into its success. Market Dynamix™ and Launch Dynamix™, independent services by Spherix, aim to offer comprehensive analysis of evolving markets and newly launched products to guide stakeholders in understanding and navigating the changing landscape of dermatological treatments.


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