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Shanna Miranti, MPAS, PA-C: Pearls and Looking Ahead to New Wave Dermatology 2024


Miranti previews her sessions from the meeting which kicks off tomorrow, May 30, in Orlando, Florida.

The upcoming Florida Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (FSDPA) New Wave Dermatology Conference begins tomorrow in Orlando, Florida. Recently, New Wave and FSDPA leadership spoke with Dermatology Times to preview the conference and its various general, beginner, and aesthetic tracks.

Ahead of the meeting, Florida-based Shanna Miranti, MPAS, PA-C, a board-certified physician assistant at Riverchase Dermatology, previewed her sessions and offered insights into the pearls her lectures will provide attendees with.

"I am honored to be one of the speakers at this conference," she said. "This conference is already almost sold out, so it's going to be a really truly blockbuster event."


Shanna Miranti, MPAS, PA-C: Hi there. My name is Shanna Miranti with Riverchase Dermatology in Naples, Florida, and I am the upcoming Summer Editor-in-Chief for Dermatology Times.

The FSDPA New Wave 2024 Conference in Orlando, Florida, this May 30 through June 2, looks to be a phenomenal opportunity for dermatology APP education. I am honored to be one of the speakers at this conference. I wanted to highlight some of my sessions for you. This conference is already almost sold out, so it's going to be a really truly blockbuster event. There are attendees from 24 states, and even some international attendees from Canada. We welcome you all down to Florida to learn a bit about dermatology.

I wanted to share with you all some of the highlights from my upcoming lectures that I will be doing at the New Wave Conference, FSDPA 2024. I will be speaking in the aesthetic track on Saturday, June 1, and I'll be doing 2 lectures, specifically one on rosacea for the aesthetic provider and one for acne for the aesthetic provider. These are different disease states; I know a lot of people oftentimes will blend them and sometimes try to find what products will work best for patients that have that crossover acne/rosacea. But we really should be very intentional when we're choosing product lines for our patients and specific types of medications for our patients.

I also want to shed some light on some of the newer technologies that are available for acne, the new 1726 nanometer laser devices, for instance. So please: If you are in the area, and you're attending the FSDPA, come see me on Saturday. We're going to have a great time, up bright and early at 8 AM, but we're going to work through a lot of wonderful recommendations for your rosacea and acne patients.

On Sunday, June 2 at the FSDPA New Wave Conference, I will be speaking in the beginners track. This is a specific track for PAs and nurse practitioners that have less than 2 years of dermatology experience or are just new to the derm space. Even if you have been in other fields of medicine, dermatology can be a very overwhelming area of study, and there are so many new products to learn, and so many new techniques to learn. So definitely if you are new to dermatology, check out the beginners track at the FSDPA New Wave.

On Sunday June 2, I will be giving 2 lectures in the beginners track. The first is titled, Prescribing Isotretinoin With Confidence. I think Accutane is something that a lot of people are still very intimidated by and maybe are not so confident prescribing it. I'm going to share some really practical tips and tricks with all of you. I have been a self-declared Accutane All-Star for 22 plus years, and I love sharing my Accutane hacks and Accutane tips and tricks with new providers. Please come and learn a little bit about Accutane about prescribing isotretinoin and about how to navigate some of the tricky access pieces and such. That will be first up bright and early in the morning on Sunday, June 2.

I will also be giving a lecture on the usage of antibiotics in dermatology, which has been a bit of a hot topic lately with the BPO bombshell that was dropped right before the AAD this year. PAs, nurse practitioners in dermatology, really need to be very confident and how we're prescribing our antibiotics. We need to be very careful and very respectful of antibiotic stewardship, and we need to make sure that we are still protecting our patients against antimicrobial resistance. this will be a session where we will dive into antibiotic usage, what's safe, where you should turn, and what are some tips and tricks for helping your patients avoid resistance.

I am also incredibly honored to have been asked to give the Cetaphil product theater. There's going to be a lot of emphasis on skin care at the FSDPA New Wave Conference; there's going to be a lot of surprises, a lot of skin care giveaways in the aesthetic track. Please make sure you're showing up and you're getting those butts in seats and you're making sure you're staying for all of the sessions. The Cetaphil product theater is entitled, Smarter Science for Sensitive Skin, and it will be a session that really looks at different products within the Cetaphil line that are appropriate for our patients with sensitive skin. Not only our rosacea patients, but our atopic dermatitis patients, our psoriasis patients, our patients with a compromised skin barrier, all need good skin care, and we do make sure that we are maybe steering some of our patients away from the Sephora counter and to products that actually have a lot of science behind them. Come see this session on Smarter Science for Sensitive Skin at FSDPA New Wave 2024.

[Transcript has been edited for clarity.]

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