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RF for skin tightening


Dr. Mark Beaty uses two radiofrequency treatments that, he says, stand out for skin tightening and wrinkles.

Dr. Beaty

When it comes to radiofrequency (RF) devices, Mark Beaty, M.D., a facial plastic surgeon practicing in Atlanta, Ga., uses a combination of devices to maximize skin tightening and skin tone improvement for those patients who desire a non-surgical treatment option.

“Somebody who has a primary issue with skin laxity may require one device or one set of devices,” says Dr. Beaty. “Somebody who has a more global problem with both skin laxity, texture problems and skin tone problems may benefit from using a combination of devices.”

Dr. Beaty discussed intradermally induced radiofrequency, the different modalities on the market and the science of how RF affects the skin in his presentation, “Intradermal radiofrequency for skin tightening: A comparison of techniques,” at the Global Aesthetics Conference 2019 in Miami, Fla.

Targeting loose or wrinkled skin, RF uses energy to heat the dermis without damaging the top layer of skin. This tightens the underlying skin structure to create a more youthful appearance, without surgery. 

Dr. Beaty says there are two devices he uses to get the best results for his patients.

For deep dermal treatments, he says that Candela’s Profound RF is “the best non-surgical skin tightener that we have in our armamentarium.”

“It remains the only device on the market that we can clinically show stimulates all of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production,” explains Dr. Beaty.

Specifically, the treatment generates up to five times more elastin, two times more collagen and increased hyaluronic acid, according to Candela.

Dr. Beaty uses a multi-polar microneedle-induced radiofrequency device from Rohrer Aesthetics called PiXel8-RF for patients concerned with skin tone and “to some degree finer lines and wrinkles.”

In a video, Dr. Beaty discusses how he uses the device and the results he sees.

“[PiXel8-RF] really has proven to be an outstanding treatment for us either as a standalone maintenance treatment for people who have some early aging changes, or as an adjunctive treatment for people who are getting some bigger procedures done to improve the shape and contour of their face,” he says.

RF has been used for skin tightening since 2001 but has seen a recent surge of popularity, perhaps due celebrity experience and social media.  

And one of the documented benefits of the treatment is its quick post-procedure recovery.

Side effects may include mild and temporary swelling, redness and tingling, depending on the specific treatment.

Combined, Dr. Beaty says, both Profound RF and PiXil8-RF can be used for patients with more advanced facial and skin aging who are uninterested in surgery but are still looking for a significant improvement in their skin.

“Combining both these procedures can be done safely and conveniently in the office, still without any significant downtime and with a better than synergistic result,” he says.

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