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QUIZ: Melanoma Classification and Staging

Dermatology TimesDermatology Times, June 2024 (Vol. 45. No. 06)
Volume 45
Issue 06

Click here to read more and answer our quiz questions in recognition of Skin Cancer Awareness Month and Melanoma Monday.

Skin Cancer Awareness Month logo

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, a period of time dedicated to raising awareness for the millions affected worldwide. In the United States, it is estimated that approximately 9,500 individuals are diagnosed with skin cancer every single day.1

Today is also Melanoma Monday, a day commemorated by the American Academy of Dermatology on the first Monday of each Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

Through initiatives like these, the medical community aims to shed light on the complexities of skin cancer, treatment and research innovations, and empower individuals to recognize signs and symptoms that often go undetected without regular skin checks.

As we delve into this awareness month, Dermatology Times remains committed to educating and engaging our audience with weekly quizzes aimed at increasing understanding and promoting proactive management strategies. Throughout the month of May, we will be sharing 5-question quizzes each Monday designed to test knowledge on skin cancer symptoms, triggers, treatment options, and lifestyle management strategies.

Each quiz will cover different aspects of skin cancer, drawing from the latest research and expert insights. In addition to the weekly quizzes, Dermatology Times will recap the answers later in the week, providing detailed explanations and additional resources for further learning.

Dermatology Times invites you to join us in advancing understanding, promoting dialogue, and ultimately improving outcomes for individuals living with skin cancer. Stay tuned for our weekly quizzes, and let's work together to make a difference this Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

Describe the differences between Clark's levels and Breslow thickness in melanoma staging.


  1. American Academy of Dermatology. Skin cancer fact sheet. Accessed May 3, 2024. https://www.aad.org/media/stats-skin-cancer
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