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Summer Highlights to Improve Patient Care

Dermatology TimesDermatology Times, June 2024 (Vol. 45. No. 06)
Volume 45
Issue 06

The June issue of Dermatology Times features a collection of articles related to e-cigarette use and skin, Acne Awareness Month, and more.

Image Credit: © tonefotografia - stock.adobe.com

Image Credit: © tonefotografia - stock.adobe.com

As summer heats and students enjoy their break from school, the CDC released an updated fact sheet highlighting that the most commonly used tobacco product among US youth.1 Meanwhile, Peter Lio, MD, and Kripa Ahuja, MS, recently co-authored a study about the skin conditions that e-cigarette use exacerbates, such as atopic dermatitis. In this month’s cover feature, discover how to have effective conversations with young patients about lifestyle habits and skin health.

June also kicks off Acne Awareness Month, and Karan Lal, DO, MS, FAAD, addresses the importance of managing acne with safe, effective therapeutics and devices for patients undergoing hormone treatments.

Another growing patient concern includes the desire for safe, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that are tailored to the patient’s unique needs. According to Amy B. Lewis, MD, recent advances in the aesthetic medicine field have allowed clinicians to offer more customized solutions to patients. Lewis, a board-certified dermatologist and clinical associate professor at the Yale School of Medicine, reviews how advances in neuromodulators and fillers, full-body rejuvenation techniques with devices, and the top procedures she performs in her practice.

To continue the discussion of skin cancer awareness after a May full of dermatology practices across the country offering skin checks and education in their communities, Robert Den, MD, addresses the rising rates of skin cancer and the role clinicians play in treatments and research advancements. Den, a radiation oncologist and the chief medical officer at Alpha Tau Medical, points out that in some ways, increased skin cancer rates could be a good sign, meaning that cases are being caught earlier and patients are being more proactive in their skin health.

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