The ‘Skinification’ of Hair

This week, consumer magazines highlight hair care beyond the basics, CoolSculpting and more.

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This week in consumer magazines, Shape details CoolSculpting results and vitamin D skincare, Glossy highlights Dermalogica’s plan to bring back in-person events and the ‘skinification’ of hair, and Hello Giggles talks a hypoallergenic and anti-microbial spray for the face.

Body Contouring

Does CoolSculpting ~Really~ Work — And Is It Worth It?


The ‘skinification’ of hair is taking over


Should You Be Using Vitamin D Skin-Care Products?

This Hypoallergenic Spray Is Like a Sanitizer for Your Face—and It Fights Against Coronavirus

Inside Dermalogica’s playbook for bringing back in-person events

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