The Mainstream Patient: May 20


In this week's edition, we feature stories on proper sunbrun treatment, breakouts after stopping birth control, how anxiety was affecting one writer's skin and why maintaining a good skincare routine is essential during the pandemic.

Introducing The Mainstream Patient, a weekly glimpse into what your patients may be reading in the media about skin health.

In this week’s edition, InStyle writes about the proper way to treat a sunburn, how to get rid of chest acne and why having a good skincare routine is essential during the current pandemic. Meanwhile, Allure dives into how to manage acne once you’re off birth control and provides tips to maintain your skin while you can’t get injectables. Finally, Women’s Health Magazine highlights a story of a chronic ‘skin picker’ who explains how her anxiety affected her skin.

The Right Way to Treat a Sunburn, According to a Dermatologist8 Tips for Keeping Skin Smooth and Plump While You Can’t Get Injectables

How to Deal With Breakouts After You Stop Taking Birth Control Pills

8 Way to Get Rid of Chest Acne for Good

Confessions of a Skin Picker: How Anxiety was Destroying My Face

Why Having a Proper Skincare Routine is Extra Important During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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