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Jane Mast, PhD, DMSc, MPAS: Having a Passion for Patients


Mast spoke with Dermatology Times about her conference workshop, what she's looking forward to ahead of this week's SDPA conference, and the importance of always maintaining a passion for patients.

Jane Mast, PhD, DMSc, MPAS
Jane Mast, PhD, DMSc, MPAS

As the 2023 Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (SDPA) Fall Dermatology Conference kicks off today in Nashville, Tennessee, attendees and PAs are looking ahead to the many insights to be shared this week.

Jane Mast, PhD, DMSc, MPAS, a dermatology PA, current medical director of a large global pharmaceutical company, and former SDPA president, recently spoke with Dermatology Times.

Mast discussed takeaways from yesterdays workshop, "Beyond the Bedside: What Could Be Next For You?" where attendees learned of opportunities outside of clinical care, brushed up on effectively communicating with small and large groups, navigating current compliance regulations ethically, and more.

Mast also delved into her hopes for the remainder of the conference and what she is most excited about for dermatology and PAs alike moving forward.


Jane Mast, PhD, DMSc, MPAS: Hi, my name is Jane Mast. I am currently a medical director working in medical affairs and have a passion for helping others reach their career goals and aspirations.

Dermatology Times: What do you hope attendees will take away from your workshop, “Beyond the Bedside: What Could Be Next For You,” and what were some key highlights of the workshop?

Mast: I hope that people have taken away that there's a lot of different career and leadership opportunities within medicine. We really hope to highlight the role of clinical research, of education, medical writing, and also industry roles for different career paths. There are also many paths to leadership, including volunteering with dermatology societies and patient advocacy organizations.

Dermatology Times: What do you hope your fellow physician assistants will take away from the SDPA’s fall conference this week?

Mast: Education is at the heart of all medicine, right? We all have to continuously strive to be up to date with the latest advancements in science and disease. Continuing education is so important for us all. The Society of Dermatology PAs puts on a great conference filled with amazing lectures, with content that helps everyone bring their best to patient care.

Dermatology Times: What are you most excited about in the future of dermatology, the role of PAs in dermatology, and more?

Mast: What excites me most: the day that I began my career, and in my career now, is making sure patients get the best care possible. We all strive to show up for people that have had a long, difficult road with their diseases. Bringing awareness, empathy and trying to find solutions together to help them live their lives, even though they may suffer from a dermatological condition. I think that's really where my passion lies. I think that’s where the passion lies for all people that work in health care. I think that the key takeaway in medicine is really to continue to have that passion for patients and bring that to everything we do.

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