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Impact of Upadacitinib on Day-to-Day Life With Atopic Dermatitis


A patient with atopic dermatitis shares the impact of upadacitinib on her daily life, commenting on her mother’s role in her treatment.

Trinity Flint: My mom is very diligent about looking up every single medication I have ever been on and every possible adverse effect that could come with it and making sure that I’m doing what I need to be doing in my day-to-day life to prevent those adverse effects from affecting me later in life. She always makes sure that I am diligent about my bloodwork, because I do have to occasionally get bloodwork done for my treatment, which is really not that big of a struggle for me. I got used to it after the first few times because upadacitinib is not the only medication I need to get bloodwork done for, so that was just another bloodwork visit for me.

Diego Ruiz Dasilva, MD, FAAD: It was awesome that your mom was in the consultations with you, and she definitely asked a lot of thoughtful questions, which was great at the same time. Also, it’s fantastic that there’s information out there for patients to learn. It’s always a double-edged sword, right? Because for any condition, you can find horror stories, or you can read about adverse effects and give up on treatment. So, a big portion of it is trusting your doctor. Even for me as a doctor, if I have to get something outside of my field, I may not know that medication or adverse effects, and Googling may not be enough. And so, there are always questions that you ask, and you have to have that trust. So, I appreciate that you guys have trust in me. Any doctor has to have trust with their patient and build that rapport to have a positive conversation and come up with a good plan.

Transcript edited for clarity

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