EADV report highlights the value of achieving skin clearance in psoriasis clearance

Dermatology TimesDermatology Times, December 2018 (Vol. 39, No. 12)
Volume 39
Issue 12

Patients who achieve complete skin clearance of psoriasis experience a noticeable difference in quality of life and work productivity.

PARIS―Patients who achieve complete skin clearance of psoriasis experience a noticeable difference in quality of life and work productivity, according to a new study from Lilly Pharmaceuticals.

The study compared two groups, one with a Physician Global Assessment (PGA) score of zero with complete clearance and a group described as almost clear. The goal was to better understand how psoriasis impacts the daily lives of patients.

“The results of the real-world study suggest a goal of completely clear skin can offer substantial quality of life and work productivity benefits over almost clear skin in psoriasis patients, highlighting the significance of complete skin clearance,” said Lotus Mallbris, M.D., Ph.D, vice president of immunology development for Lilly Bio-Medicines.

Investigators divided 259 patients into two groups. Ninety-nine had PGA zero scores, and 160 had PGA 1 scores. The mean age was 45, and they were compared on demographics, clinical factors, patient self-reported quality of life, and work productivity. Age, time since diagnosis, sex, current treatment with biological, and concurrent psoriatic arthritis were included as covariates.

According to study results, clear patients had lower odds of itching and sore skin (OR: 0.233, p=0.011) than almost-clear patients. They also experienced lower odds of being embarrassed (OR: 0.323, p=0.033) and lower odds of psoriasis affecting their clothing choices (OR: 0.211, p=0.023). Additionally, they had lower odds of having problems with family and friends (OR: 0.144, p=0.048) and lower odds of having sexual difficulties (OR: 0.266, p=0.024)

Work productivity loss was also lower for clear patients than almost-clear patients at 0.77 percent and 10.89 percent (p=0.032), respectively. Presenteeism, working while sick, was lower for clear patients (0.67 percent), as well, than for almost-clear patients (10.00 percent) (p=0.031).

Overall, investigators report patients should make achieving skin clearance a goal to reduce the impact of psoriasis on their daily activities and quality of life.



Goldblum G, Korean N, Lin C, Lobosco S, Lucas J, Malatestinic B, Middleton C, Murage M, Renda L. “Assessment of the benefit of achieving complete versus almost complete skin clearance of psoriasis patients, in the United States: A Patient’s Perspective.” 27th European Academy of Dermatology & Venerology Congress, Paris, France. Sept. 12.

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