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Discovering Dermatology Times: October 2023

Dermatology TimesDermatology Times, October 2023 (Vol. 44. No. 10)
Volume 44
Issue 10

Learn more about the in-depth topics covered in the October 2023 print issue of Dermatology Times.

The October issue of Dermatology Times includes a collection of thought-provoking articles and topics ranging from utilizing artificial intelligence in dermatology to reviewing treatment approaches for basal cell carcinoma on the hands. Be sure to take a look at the highlights from the issue below. Also, don’t miss a moment of Dermatology Times by signing up for our eNewsletters and subscribing to receive the free print issue each month.

Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword in health care for some time, but do clinicians, especially in dermatology, view it as friend or foe? Applications and use of AI in dermatology are comparatively new and have focused primarily on the relatively narrow application of analyzing images of skin disease. This limited uptake began, ironically, because image analysis seemed like relatively low-hanging fruit, with the promise of improving workflows and efficiency.

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Dermatology Pearls for Adverse Effects of Breast Cancer Treatments

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and although it is critical for oncologists to have a thorough understanding of the condition’s impact on the entire body, dermatology clinicians play an important role in a multidisciplinary care plan. Skin conditions can be associated with the presentation, progression, and treatment of breast cancer. “Dermatologists may be the first to identify a breast cancer diagnosis, as a subset of patients first present with direct extension of an underlying tumor or with a cutaneous metastasis,” according to Milam et al.

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Viewing Atopic Dermatitis and Its Impact From a Patient Perspective

To discuss the association between atopic dermatitis (AD) and its impact on patient lives and well-being from patient and provider perspectives, dermatologist Diego Ruiz Dasilva, MD, FAAD, sat down with AD patient and advocate Trinity Flint in “Diagnosis to Treatment: Exploring the Patient Journey in Atopic Dermatitis,” a custom Dermatology Times Patient Perspectives video series. Flint described her experiences with frequent itching and rashes, which she said were typically brought on or exacerbated by outside factors such as allergies and stress, as being initial indicators of AD. As a child, she said these symptoms were often disruptive in nature. Flint’s mother, who also had eczema, quickly picked up on the correlation between the symptoms and the condition.

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Hands-On BCC Approach

Although basal cell carcinoma (BCC) does not readily metastasize, the appropriate removal of BCC can be challenging, especially on the dorsum of the hands due to paucity of extra skin for tissue reconstruction. Surgical and nonsurgical treatment options can be used to treat BCC, the latter including topical immunomodulators (ie, imiquimod), cryotherapy, radiation, photodynamic therapy, intralesional treatment (ie, 5-fluorouracil), curettage, and electrodesiccation. However, surgical removal techniques including Mohs surgery and excisional surgery are preferred treatment approach when addressing BCCs, particularly on the hands.

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