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Derm In The News: February 11-17


Keep up with the latest headlines in dermatology from the past week, including the commercialization of a skin cancer diagnostic AI in South Korea, cannabis extract's potential in combatting melanoma cells, and more.

Korea Biomedical Review: LifeSemantics nears commercializing Korea’s 1st skin cancer diagnostic AI

LifeSemantics has successfully completed a confirmatory clinical trial for its skin cancer image detection and diagnostic assistance software, demonstrating its clinical significance in detecting skin cancer. Developed through the "Dr. Answer 2.0" project by the National IP Industry Promotion Agency, the software surpassed minimum clinical performance standards in sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy, achieving a diagnostic accuracy rate of 80.9%. Collaborating with multiple medical centers, the trial analyzed 199 cases and utilized an algorithm trained on 6,500 images of skin tumors. LifeSemantics anticipates that the software will facilitate early detection and prevention of skin cancer, potentially improving patient compliance and reducing burdens on primary medical institutions by utilizing smartphone images.

Refinery29: I'm A Dermatologist & I Self-Diagnosed My Skin Cancer

Muneeb Shah, DO, known as @dermdoctor, shares his personal journey of being diagnosed with basal cell skin cancer at the age of 31, shedding light on the consequences of sun exposure and tanning bed use. Despite growing up with the cultural norm of tanning as a fashion statement, Shah's diagnosis prompted a shift in perspective, advocating for sunscreen use and regular skin checks.

Science Alert: Cannabis Extract Triggers Death of Deadly Skin Cancer Cells

A recent study has revealed promising results regarding the potential of a concentrated cannabis extract, PHEC-66, to combat melanoma. Developed by MGC Pharmaceuticals in Australia, this extract demonstrated the ability to halt the proliferation of melanoma cells in laboratory settings by inducing programmed cell death. Led by scientists from RMIT University and Charles Darwin University, the research highlights the extract's effectiveness in triggering apoptosis, or cell death, by causing DNA fragmentation, halting cell division, and elevating reactive oxygen species levels within the cell. While these findings are encouraging, further research involving animal models and eventual human trials are necessary to validate these results.

Financial Times: New biotech aims to alleviate suffering caused by skin diseases

A new biotech company, Alys Pharma, backed by $100 million in seed financing, is poised to revolutionize dermatology by harnessing the immune system to treat various skin diseases. Founded by Medicxi and a group of university scientists, Alys Pharma aims to become a leader in immuno-dermatology with a diverse pipeline of 14 R&D programs targeting conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, itching, and vitiligo. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies including siRNA, antibodies, peptides, and traditional small molecules, the company intends to address significant unmet medical needs and expand the market for dermatological treatments.

Have you seen any dermatology headlines this week that we may have missed? Share with us by emailing our team at DTEditor@mmhgroup.com.

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