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DefenAge Receives 2 US Patents


The skincare manufacturer and distributer announced that it has received patents for hair growth and melasma.

DefenAge Skincare announced the US Patent and Trademark Office accepted the company’s application for 2 new patents. These patents are for the use of Defensin-molecules as a topical treatment of hair loss in skin affected by alopecia and of the hyperpigmented lesions of melasma.1

"Extended research proves that Defensin-molecules naturally awaken dormant skin cells and spark a targeted, wound-healing regenerative response to produce new skin and deliver a treatment-caliber of cosmetic results with topicals alone," said facial plastic surgeon, Gregory Keller, MD, FACS, California, in the press release. "This is the only known and proven mechanism to create young skin via activating a dormant resource in your own body."

The patents are for:

  • "Stem cell stimulating compositions and methods of treating melasma." Patent No. US 11,020,452.
  • "Compositions and methods for providing hair growth." Patent No. US 11,260,013.

Recently, Christopher Bunick, MD, PhD, an associate professor of dermatology and physician scientist at Yale University Department of Dermatology in New Haven, Connecticut, and part of the Dermatology Times® editorial advisory board, spoke about this condition.2

He touched on how to address the issues surrounding alopecia, such as physical or mental stress, and the compassion needed when speaking with patients. Listen to his interview, which was based on his presentation at the 2022 American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting, today to hear his perspective on the disease.


1. DefenAge received two US patents for melasma & hair growth. Accessed March 29, 2022. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/defenage-received-two-us-patents-for-melasma--hair-growth-301507167.html

2. Treat the medical and mental health challenges of alopecia. Dermatology Times. Accessed April 5, 2022. https://www.dermatologytimes.com/view/treat-the-medical-and-mental-health-challenges-of-alopecia

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