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Day 3 Recap: 2024 Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference for PAs and NPs


Catch up on coverage from the last day of the 2024 Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference for PAs and NPs in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Understanding the Mechanism of Action in JAK Inhibitors

Jason Hawkes, MD, MS, detailed each of the kinases' association with different cytokine receptors and biological functions.

Combining Systemic Therapies in Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis

James Song, MD, explains combination treatment efficacy, addresses comorbidities, and provides pearls to improve patient safety.

Biologics and Pregnancy: A Q&A With Ben Lockshin, MD

Lockshin shared his approach to continuing biologic therapies into pregnancy with informed timing adjustments.

Boxed Warnings: What Should Dermatology Clinicians Know?

Jason Hawkes, MD, MS, breaks down boxed warning pros and cons and research addressing several boxed warnings.

2024 Pediatric Pearls With Karan Lal, DO

The country's only double-board certified pediatric and cosmetic dermatologist shared what he learned from 5 unique patient cases this year.

Deciphering Atopic Dermatitis Therapy Options

James Song, MD, addressed current challenges in the AD treatment landscape and compared biologics.

Generalized Pustular Psoriasis: Recent Advancements, Resources, and Cytokine Considerations

Jason Hawkes, MD, MS, gives an overview of what clinicians need to know today about this rare condition.

Talking About JAKs: Best Practices for Effective Patient Communication

Raj Chovatiya, MD, PhD, focused on understanding JAK inhibitors, discussing their clinical use and safety profiles for effective patient communication.

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