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Candela Launches Frax Pro System


Candela announces the launch of its Frax Pro system, featuring dual-depth skin resurfacing with both novel Frax 1940 and Frax 1550 applicators.

Candela, a global aesthetic medical device company, recently announced the launch of its Frax Pro system, an FDA-cleared and CE-marked non-ablative fractional laser device.

The Frax Pro system is the first platform that features dual-depth skin resurfacing with both the novel Frax 1940 and Frax 1550 applicators, according to a company press release.1 The two applicators stimulate growth of new collagen by targeting different layers of the skin.

The Frax 1940 handpiece possesses a 1940 nm wavelength laser beam for a shallow, epidermal approach that reaches approximately 200 μm in depth. Meanwhile, the Frax 1550 delivers a 1550 nm wavelength that penetrates deeper into the skin, reaching up to 800 μm.

Clinical studies have shown high rates of patient satisfaction and textural improvement with the Frax 1940 and 1550 handpieces, according to Candela.

“With use of both applicators achieving dual depth resurfacing, we saw a complementary effect,” said Jill Waibel, MD, Miami, Florida, in the release. “Additionally, patients treated in our clinic were extremely pleased with new Frax 1940 treatment results. The outcomes clearly demonstrated intended results of skin resurfacing with improvement in both textural irregularities and skin tone.”

The Frax 1550 and 1940 are also interchangeable with the Nordlys platform, making the Nordlys system the first in its class to provide intense pulse light (IPL), Nd:YAG, and dual fractional 1550 nm and 1940 nm wavelengths.

“The Frax Pro and Nordlys systems, both with Frax 1550 and Frax 1940 applicators, extend our legacy of innovation in non-ablative treatments,” said Geoffrey Crouse, CEO, Candela, in the release. "Candela has a long history of technological innovation and bringing to market best-in-class medical aesthetic energy-based devices, and we are proud to share this new offering.”


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