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Can females achieve a good leg shave when using hair conditioner as shaving cream?


Does hair conditioner make an excellent shaving cream? to find out the answer keep reading.

Zoe Diana Draelos, MDI recently spoke to a magazine editor who wanted to advise her readers that hair conditioner made a wonderful shaving cream.  Since that time, I have had several dermatologists ask the same question.  It is important to remember that cosmetic chemists formulate every product to unique specifications and if hair conditioner made an excellent shaving cream, it would be labeled as such.  Hair conditioner is made to apply to hair after shampooing and rinsed to create a thin coating over each hair shaft to decrease static electricity improving hair frizziness and to smooth the cuticle to increase hair shine.  It is designed to deposit on the hair shaft and it also deposits on the razor blade.  The newer razors are designed with 3-5 laser honed spring mounted blades closely spaced allowing each blade to cut the hair closer and closer to the skin surface to achieve a close shave without cutting the skin.  If hair conditioner gets deposited between the blades, it will ruin the razor blade and produce a poor quality shave.  For this reason, it is best to use a shaving cream when shaving and a hair conditioner after shampooing the hair.


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