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Best practices for neurotoxins


Dr. Corey Maas provides insight into new neuromodulators currently seeking FDA approval at this year's Global Aesthetic Conference.

The big news in neuromodulators is that two new products are seeking FDA approval, but one is pushed back because it is seeking concurrent approvals. In other news, physicians who offer neuromodulators for patients’ cosmetic concerns are getting better results because they’re learning not to overtreat - especially, the forehead.

This is according to facial plastic surgeon Corey S. Maas, M.D., who practices in San Francisco and Lake Tahoe and is Associate Clinical Professor of facial plastic surgery at the University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Maas presented “Best Practices for Fillers/Neurotoxins” today at the Global Aesthetics Conference, in Miami Beach, Fla.

Revance (Revance Therapeutics), a topical neuromodulator seeking FDA approval, has been delayed because they are seeking concurrent approval of injectable and topical products, according to Dr. Maas.

Revance was reportedly near approval for its topical product, when the company let the FDA know that it wanted to seek approval for its injectable version, which might be longer lasting.

“The good news about this is the more neuromodulators on the market, the better. On the horizon, Evolus [Alphaeon Corporation]. We are a part of that program and have restrictions about what we can say, but I can tell you from my experience with it that it is going to be very competitive with the other products and will make an impact once it gets approved by the FDA, depending, of course, [on] how they price it and position it in the market.”

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3 Tips for Neurotoxins

Dr. Maas offered these tips for neurotoxin best practices:

  • Understand anatomy. Why? Textbooks are largely figurative and incorrect. And package inserts, with the exception of Allergan’s package insert, are also incorrect in terms of proper placement of product. So, if we understand anatomy, we can do a better job.

  • The forehead is the most overtreated and has the potential to be the most deformed anatomic area for neuromodulators. Preserve brow position. Brow position trumps facial lines.

  • Regarding fillers, this is the age of the overblown face. It has become a major concern where people believe, falsely, that you can get a facelift with injection. You can get some elevation of tissues, so there are roles for fillers - the volumizing fillers and those that fix transitions or provide definition. Judicious use of fillers is a complement to surgery and also an excellent introductory experience for the patient seeking small corrections or improvements for volume loss.

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