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Ami Greene, MD: Tools and Tricks for Beginner to Intermediate Dermoscopy


Ami Greene, MD, discusses her beginner and intermediate SDPA fall conference sessions on dermoscopy.

Ami Greene, MD, is a practicing Mohs surgeon at Penn State. Greene spoke with Dermatology Times at the 2023 Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (SDPA) Annual Fall Dermatology Conference in Nashville, TN, to discuss pearls and highlights from her lectures, "Diagnosing Common Skin Cancers and Lesions," and "Case-Based Dermoscopy: Intermediate."


Ami Greene, MD: My name is Ami Greene. I am currently a practicing Mohs surgeon at Penn State in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Dermatology Times: What are key highlights and takeaways from your session, "Diagnosing Common Skin Cancers and Lesions?"

Greene: The first session, it's an introductory session. It's really for people who maybe haven't started to use dermoscopy in their practice and are hesitant to do so. The first part really outlines why it's useful, how you use it in a practical sense, and how you start to incorporate it into your busy clinic. Then, we go on to really review core clinical diagnoses and the dermoscopy features of those, really as a goal to give attendees an overall basic understanding of dermoscopy so they start to feel comfortable going out and practicing it.

Dermatology Times: What are key highlights and takeaways from your session, "Case-Based Dermoscopy: Intermediate?"

Greene: So the case-based dermoscopy, this is an intermediate session. It's really targeted to audience who have either come to the last session, or who really are using dermoscopy in their practice and have a basic understanding of that. We review basic dermoscopy, but then we go further into looking at common clinical entities like pink papules on the face, pigmented lesions on the face and their differential diagnoses, and we delve into how dermoscopy can really be helpful in distinguishing between those. Hopefully, it builds upon their knowledge of basic understanding of dermoscopy and starts to get more into the complexities of the value of dermoscopy and how it can help differentiate really challenging clinical entities.

Dermatology Times: What is new or upcoming in dermatology that excites you?

Greene: I think there's a lot of new things when it comes to my practice, which is specifically around Mohs surgery and pigmented lesion patients and high-risk cutaneous oncology. I think that that's a realm that really is expanding in terms of our knowledge, and I think it's just only going to progress in terms of genetic testing, and the capabilities of technology, and how we integrate that into our practice. So total body photography, dermoscopy mole monitoring. I think it's really exciting and going to change the game on how we manage these patients moving forward.

[Transcript has been edited for clarity.]

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