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All-Purpose Hair Transplant Graft Harvester Study Shows Potential Capabilities


FUE is a type of hair transplant that requires physicians to change tools to accommodate different hair and scalp types. Now, a recent study highlights a single device aiming to treat all types of hair situations.

The Dr.UGraft Zeus device is a tool used in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a treatment for hair loss. It was created by Sanusi Umar, MD, a dermatologist in Manhattan Beach, California, to help address patients who may have been turn away because of their hair texture or hair loss severity.

For an article published in the Clinical Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology Journal, Umar and colleagues detail the device and its capabilities of extracting hair follicles in all types of FUE situations. The device uses a single punch design to perform FUE on body hair, textured hair—including kinky or curly hair, and long hair, according to the release. This expands the donor pool and hair supply for hair transplantation.

“When I got into the hair transplant field, FUE in Afro-textured hair (such as my own) was considered the most challenging FUE scenario,” Umar said.“Dreaded by FUE practitioners, all existing tools typically fail to deliver results in this demographic consistently. So, I set out looking for a solution to this most difficult FUE challenge. It led to a different way of looking at FUE altogether."

The article describes several patented and patent-pending inventions that led to the development of an "Intelligent Punch," and its driver called the Zeus, the press release explained. This journey led to the discovery of the importance of skin thickness and firmness as a primary cause of inconsistent performance by prior FUE tools. The device auto navigates changing skin textures and curly course texture of hair follicles deeply into their subsurface paths.

"With the Zeus, doctors will no longer turn away patients on account of their skin, hair type, or race as all humans can now benefit from this new FUE device," Umar said.


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