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2023 Fall Clinical Recap: Day 3


Catch up on coverage from the third day of the 2023 Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference.



A Deep Dive Into the Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria Armamentarium

Dawn Merritt, DO, and Mark Lebwohl, MD, took the stage to explain the history of CSU, the prevalence of testing and food avoidance, approved treatments, and monitoring treatment improvement for the condition.

Overcoming Early Career Conundrums and Burnout With Muneeb Shah, DO

Shah is presenting alongside a panel of leading experts at Fall Clinical 2023.

Enhancing Skin Health With Macrocystis Pyrifera Ferment-Containing Creams

The positive outcomes observed in these cases underscore the potential for these products to revolutionize the way dermatology clinicians address visible signs of facial aging.

40-GEP Identifies Patients Who Benefit Most From Adjuvant Radiation Therapy With Improved Metastasis-Free Survival of cSCC

The goal of Arron et al’s study was to determine if the 40-GEP test could identify high-risk cSCC patients who would benefit from ART in controlling metastatic disease progression.

APG777: A Promising Breakthrough in IL-13 Targeted Therapy

The pharmacokinetic profile of APG777, characterized by an extended half-life, increased exposure, and reduced clearance compared to lebrikizumab, is promising for patients with IL-13-driven diseases.

Adding Cabtreo to the Acne Vulgaris Tool Box

Christopher Bunick, MD, PhD, reviews Cabtreo’s recent FDA approval and what the new triple-combination gel means for acne patients.

Addressing Healthcare Disparities and Improving Care for People with Skin of Color With Patient Navigators

Although still in its early stages, the program showcases the potential value of tangible interactions between dedicated navigators and patients in enhancing support and continuity of care.

For a full list of conference coverage from the 2023 Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference, visit our conference page.

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