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1 Year Into COVID-19

Aesthetic AuthorityTechnology Pipeline: Aesthetic Authority Vol. 2: No. 1
Volume 2
Issue 1
Pages: 2

In his latest editorial, Randolph Waldman, MD, looks back at the past year of COVID-19, the initial panic, learning how to practice in a global pandemic, and the surprise of increased business.

When the COVID-19 pandemic was first recognized, none of us knew how all of this might play out. We feared for our families. We feared for our employees. Could our practice survive a lockdown?

Our lives were threatened if we returned to work after state and local lockdowns, while many of us knew colleagues, friends, and relatives who succumbed to the dreaded illness. However, we did what doctors and other health care workers do. We returned and collectively learned how to practice in a pandemic. We adapted, as in previous crises, by seeking advice from trusted advisers, colleagues, friends, and industry experts.

And as a result, our practices not only survived but many of us experienced record numbers as a result of extended vacation time, decreased discretionary expenditures, and the “Zoom Boom.”

Business is good for the overwhelming majority of practices. With increased income, it’s important to invest in our practices. And this is happening to some degree. Imagine the excitement over learning about all of the new advances once we are able to safely attend live meetings and see all of the new technology that has been developed over the past year! New injectables have been approved, new light-based technology has been introduced, and new business strategies have been formulated for incorporation into our practices. Exciting times ahead for sure. There is a bright light at the end of this long tunnel we have been navigating.

I cannot wait to try the new intense light technology and some of the new fillers and toxins. We might have some help for the difficult issue of cellulite management and it sure seems as if we may have a light-based technology to safely reduce unwanted fat.

There is no reason that the search for the fountain of youth will slow down in the future. In fact, we live in an era where technology is advancing at break-neck speed.

Let’s buckle up and continue doing what we in medicine have always done: Pay attention to the science, listen to trusted colleagues, participate in organized CME, and adapt our practices to newly accepted standards and standards of care. Most importantly, we should have a full toolbox to offer our patients all or most of the options available for their particular concerns.

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