Mitigate Malpractice Risk from Key Litigation Drivers
May 13, 2022

Dermatology has enjoyed one of the lowest litigation rates among medical specialties, but recent findings presented at the 2022 American College of Mohs Surgery Annual Meeting caution that mounting risks relating to procedural dermatology and cutaneous oncology could change that.

Evaluating Job Opportunities: Financial Factors to Consider
May 03, 2022

“Given the difference in state taxes, the bottom-line difference for the physician could be in 6 figures—every year! Compounded with even a conservative growth rate, this could mean millions of dollars of difference over a career.”

CME Credits, Drug Companies, and Freedom of Speech
May 03, 2022

“Dermatologists are not in violation of FDA statutes for prescribing the off-label use of prescription drugs.” See what David J. Goldberg is discussing in this month's Legal Eagle.

New IRS Rule Lets Early Retirees Take More Money from Plans
April 27, 2022

Fixed-annuity guarantees more income for penalty-free early withdrawals from retirement plans.

Cost of Copies Prompts a Lawsuit
April 14, 2022

In this month's Legal Eagle, David J. Goldberg, MD, JD, dives into a case of amount for fees charged for medical records.

Shedding Light on Legal, Regulatory Issues Surrounding CBD
March 29, 2022

CBD is still a gray area for many pharmacists and health care providers.

I Meant to Code Correctly; Now Could I Go to Jail?
March 10, 2022

In this month's Legal Eagle, David J. Goldberg, MD, JD, discusses the legal complexities of incorrect medical coding.

Study: Starting Pay Differences Reduce Earning Potential for Women in Academic Medicine
February 23, 2022

After 10 years women’s median earnings are 9% less than men’s.

Few hospitals complying with price transparency law
February 15, 2022

Just 14.3% of hospitals complying with rule meant to encourage consumer price shopping

An In-depth Guide to a Medical Practice's Legal and Tax Options
February 15, 2022

We sit down with the experts to determine what legal and tax factors come into play when deciding on the best corporate structure for a dermatology practice.