Psoriasis Gene to Clinic

Diet and lifestyle factors may trigger psoriasis
December 06, 2017

Environmental and lifestyle factors, such as certain foods and infections, may trigger onset of psoriasis and account for approximately 30% of the risk of the condition in people with a genetic preposition, research presented in London shows.

Impaired taste and smell may explain poor nutrition in psoriasis patients
December 06, 2017

Psoriasis has long been linked with poor nutrition, high body mass index and metabolic disorders. New research suggests a reduced sense of taste and smell, caused by inflammation, may explain why.

Genetic variation may explain why biologics help some patients, but fail others
December 06, 2017

Psoriasis patients carrying a specific gene experience a significantly better early response to ustekinumab, but are less likely to achieve high rates of response to anti-TNFs.