Melodie Young, MSN, ANP-C


Creating Goals Ahead of Psoriasis Action Month

Melodie Young, MSN, ANP-c, shares pearls on why prioritizing skin checks during Psoriasis Action Month in August is critical.

Michael Lewellen, CFP


Dealing With Student Loan Debt: How to Budget for Repayment and Other Financial Goals

In this month’s Finance & Practice Management column, we illustrate the importance of developing and maintaining a budget for physicians at all stages of their careers.

Mike Hennessy Jr, CEO


Recognizing Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Our May issue of Dermatology Times spotlights melanoma/skin cancer awareness and more.

Elle de Moll, MD


Partner with Hair Stylists and Give Them the Knowledge to Spot Scalp Concerns

The HEROES program wants to make it easier for stylists to recognize scalp conditions and advise their clients to seek medical help.

Jennifer Grebow


Topical Skin Care Probiotics Made With New Technology Yield Numerous Benefits

The benefits include more accurate bacteria cell counts, more efficacious strains, and improved shelf life compared to non-heat-treated probiotics.

Pearl Steinzor


Half of Patients With Psoriasis Receiving Placebo In Clinical Trials Report Adverse Events

A recent review and meta-analysis says this statistic may be due in part to nocebo effects.

David Norris, MD


Five Financial Ratios to Watch to Track Your Practice’s Financial Health

These ratios will help you determine the level of financial stability of your practice and help you make better decisions for your future.

Todd Shryock


Telemedicine Still Popular with Patients, but There are Concerns

Patients prefer virtual appointments for common ailments, but question the quality of care.

Mara C. Weinstein Velez, MD, FAAD


Nonablative Lasers Offer a Gentle Approach to Healthy Skin

In honor of National Healthy Skin Month, it is the perfect time to encourage patients to integrate gentle laser treatments into their yearly routine to maintain healthy, radiant skin.

Joseph Merola, MD, MMSc


Cutaneous Lupus Considerations with Joseph Merola, MD, MMSc

Discover the evolving landscape of lupus treatment, from the importance of monitoring vitamin D levels to advancements in emerging therapies targeting type 1 interferon and plasmacytoid dendritic cells.

Rebekah Bernard, MD


5 Ways to Negotiate the Best Physician Employment Contract

There are simple tools that can help us achieve the best employment contract.

Meggie Soliman


Breaking the High Tech/High Cost Connection to Support Better Health Equity

Health care costs continue to rise in this country. According to a study by the Peterson Center on Healthcare and the Kaiser Family Foundation, health care spending totaled $3.8 trillion in 2019, $11,582 per person.

Vishal Patel, MD, FAAD, FACMS


BCC Patient Case Impressions

Sherrif F. Ibrahim, MD, PhD, and Vishal Patel, MD, FAAD, FACMS, provide initial impressions of the case and discuss the use of immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Janice Schwartz


Living With Pachyonychia Congenita: Patient Perspectives and Activism

The PC Project provides patients with access to the International PC Research Registry for clinical help with their rare and painful skin condition.

Linda Stocum, Associate Editor


The Mainstream Patient: June 27

This week's edition of the Mainstream Patients features stories about FDA's latest approval, abortion, and more.

Allison Inserro


How Useful Are Chargemasters for Price Transparency in Dermatology?

Chargemaster lists may encourage patients to shop around for services, but the authors of this report said the implications of this change for dermatology are not well-defined.

Jason E. Hawkes, MD, MS


3 Things You Should Know About HS Pathology and Management

Earn CME credit and learn how to optimize a multimodal treatment approach for hidradenitis suppurativa.

Duane Feger


Embracing Value-Based Care

Six strategies for profitability with new payment models.

Mary Scoviak, Managing Editor


Patch Effective in Extracting Transcriptomes for Precision Medicine in Psoriasis

Minimally invasive method outperformed tape stripping in a recent study.

Jodi Westfall, NP


Treating Dermatological Conditions by Going Beyond the Skin

Jodi Westfall, NP, explains how she improves common skin conditions traditionally and from a metabolic perspective.

Angela Lamb, MD


Gaps in Management of AD SOC Patients

Drs Angela Lamb, Omar Noor, and Neal Bhatia share what they consider to be the biggest gaps in care for patients with SOC: patient/provider education, building trust, and appropriate diagnosis of AD.

Carol Stryker


6 Steps to Hiring Great Practice Staff

An expert details the ways to gain and retain new practice staff.

Joseph Zabinski, PhD, MEM


How is Artificial Intelligence Growing Up?

Joseph Zabinski, PhD, MEM, of OM1, shares insights at AAD into how artificial intelligence can mature and be a positive tool for disease detection.

Chris Mazzolini


Are AI assistants key to fixing physician burnout?

The results of physician trials led by the AAFP Innovation Lab are very promising.

Ashley Buehnerkemper


Is PR a part of your marketing plan?

Ashley Buehnerkemper, director of marketing at VitalSkin Dermatology, discusses what steps you can take to make public relations an active piece of your practice marketing.

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