Author | Randy Dotinga


Isotretinoin: Time to reconsider blood test best practices

May 09, 2016

While oral isotretinoin has been associated with various side effects and routine blood tests have been recommended, evidence points to inconsistencies in monitoring practices. Many physicians also are questioning whether the effort has value.

Rosacea patients confused and worried

April 07, 2016

Researchers analyzed messages in an online forum to understand the most vexing issues facing rosacea patients. They found tremendous confusion around available therapeutics.

More evidence of rosacea, autoimmune link

April 07, 2016

While a cause-and-effect link is elusive, it’s possible that environmental and lifestyle factors could explain why rosacea patients appear to suffer more from various conditions. But recent genetic research has hinted at inherited links between rosacea and autoimmune disorders. Recent findings provide more evidence.

A revolution in psoriasis care

January 27, 2016

Newer medications have revolutionized psoriasis care in patients with moderate-to-severe cases, says a leading dermatologist, and more drugs in the pipeline promise to offer even more choices.