Author | Bob Gatty


Skin cancer diagnosis spurs congressman to advocate for more research, funding

September 01, 2012

Dermatology has a committed ambassador in Capitol Hill, but it's tragic as to why. Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-Calif.) and his youngest daughter, Briana, both have been diagnosed with skin cancer and are speaking out about it to encourage others to prevent and detect skin cancer early. The congressman has co-sponsored the Melanoma Research Act of 2012, which would provide funding for skin cancer research.

Dermatologists speak out against provisions of the Affordable Care Act

August 01, 2012

Dermatologists who strongly oppose key provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in late June, continue to turn their attention to Congress in the hopes of obtaining some relief.

FDA delays sunscreen labeling rules; task force urges more education

July 01, 2012

Two important Washington developments regarding sunscreen have taken place this summer, but neither will do much to help adults who need guidance in protecting themselves during this year's sunbathing season. Early in May, the Food and Drug Administration announced it is delaying until December implementation of new sunscreen rules that had been scheduled to take effect in June.

Investigation uncovers indoor tanning's efforts to mislead public, report shows

June 01, 2012

Although the risk of melanoma is especially high for youth and young adults who engage in indoor tanning, tanning salon workers across the nation have told congressional undercover investigators that indoor tanning is safe and the idea that indoor tanning can cause skin cancer is false.

President, Congress continue to posture on healthcare reform

April 01, 2010

The Senate on March 2 voted again to delay the 21.2 rate cut caused by the sustainable growth rate formula, delaying it to April 1. The extension should allow lawmakers to pass yet a third extension, this one reportedly slated for seven months, to give Congress more time to come up with a better solution.

Congress and sustainable growth rate formula - a temporary reprieve

January 01, 2010

Once again, dermatologists and other physicians face the prospects of huge reductions in their Medicare reimbursement rates because of the inability of Congress to resolve the problems imposed by the sustainable growth rate formula (SGR) and must count on, yet again, another temporary reprieve.

Medicare and fairness: Will a new healthcare reform bill address the SGR formula?

December 01, 2009

It has become increasingly likely that even if Congress approves some form of healthcare reform this year or early next, it will not include significant reform of the formula on which physician Medicare payments are calculated, which is disappointing news for dermatologists and every physician who serves Medicare patients.

Spelling relief: Advocates of medical malpractice reform urge action now

November 01, 2009

As the healthcare reform debate unfolds, most of the headlines have focused on whether there would be a "public option" and, to a lesser extent, how the various proposals would affect Medicare, including patients and providers.

Making adjustments: Policy provision could reduce amount of physician fee cuts

October 01, 2009

This month, the agency will complete its review of comments submitted regarding the adjustments.

Climbing the Hill: Derms face off with nation's leaders on healthcare reform

September 01, 2009

At press time, lawmakers were still inching toward meeting a Sept. 15 deadline set by the Senate Finance Committee to reach a bipartisan compromise on healthcare reform. Dermatologists from across the country were expecting to be on Capitol Hill that day to let lawmakers know face-to-face their concerns about this sweeping legislative initiative.