Author | Beth Kapes


Emitting softening without heat

January 01, 2004

Washington, D.C. - A unique, new technology in the form of laser-mediated photodynamic therapy offers advantages for skin rejuvenation not seen from other non-ablative or ablative technologies, according to Roy G. Geronemus, M.D., director of the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York.

Botox complications rare, but possible

January 01, 2004

Washington - As dermatologists accumulate knowledge about the injection of botulinum toxin Type A, the safer the procedure is becoming, according to Alastair Carruthers, M.D.

Customizing photoepilation

January 01, 2004

Washington - Today's photoepilation is as individualized as the patient being treated, and it is up to the dermatologist to determine the appropriate laser system for each case, according to Elizabeth L. Tanzi, M.D.

Dermatologists are key players in smallpox war

January 01, 2004

San Diego - With careful use, smallpox vaccination programs can be implemented on a large scale, and dermatologists will play a big role in its execution by assisting local health departments and preparing their professional colleagues, according to information presented by Colonel John D. Grabenstein, R.Ph., Ph.D., at the recent Infectious Diseases Society of America's annual meeting, held here.

Laser Wound Care

November 01, 2003

New Orleans - Erythema is slightly improved in post-operative laser resurfaced wounds by using the Apligraf conditioned medial topical preparation, Revitix (Organogenesis), said Kurt L. Maggio, M.D., at the combined annual meeting of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and Amercian College of Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology.

CXRs offer 'Limited Value' for Melanoma

September 01, 2003

Chicago - A recent review of routine chest X-rays for pulmonary metastasis adds weight to a growing body of evidence that CXRs have limited value in the follow-up of melanoma patients and their prolonged survival.

Not Doing the Job

September 01, 2003

Barcelona - With a view on managing alopecia areata that is in complete contrast to the position commonly taken in the United States, Rudolf Happle, M.D., brings forward an interesting question: Why do dermatologists continue to use topical corticosteroids [and other treatments] if they are not truly effective in treating all forms of AA?

Too Few Derms in China

September 01, 2003

How can a country effectively and consistently treat the skin diseases of 1.3 billion people with just more than 16,000 dermatologists? These numbers, like many others, are staggering figures that dermatologists in China face everyday - and this fact, along with unevenly distributed resources and education, is creating a long and difficult path for a discipline that is often overlooked.

Bioplastique Unique

September 01, 2003

Austin, Texas - The macroimplant Bioplastique (Uroplasty BV, Netherlands) biphasic copolymer is one tissue augmentation substance that has brought both benefits and complications to the European market, where it is currently available, Robert A. Ersek, M.D., said.

SARS Update: Calm For Now, but Storm Might Follow

September 01, 2003

With only 10 official SARS patients throughout China since August 1, the word of eradication is becoming hopeful in a country where Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome seems like a bad dream. But, the reality is that SARS may be an unstoppable nightmare.