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Words of wisdom motivate, entertain


Shortly after I was invited to join the editorial board at Dermatology Times almost two years ago, I began collecting quotes to share with readers. Some are entertaining, some are inspiring. I heard some straight from the original source - often fellow dermatologists speaking publicly.

Key Points

I collected these pearls the same way, during my travels. Some are entertaining, some inspiring. I heard some straight from the original source - often fellow dermatologists speaking publicly. Most I heard second-hand.

For these quotes, I made an effort to locate the original sources. In doing so, I came across some interesting Web sites. For those of you with some time to become amazed by what can be discovered in cyberspace, check out the links below:

2. http://www.gaia.com/ - A Web site that describes itself as "a little different than most social networks," with "a goal to inspire and empower you to realize your purpose, so that you can do the same for others, and so that, together, we can contribute to a better world. Come join us ... not only can you develop your own library of quotations and receive daily inspiration and wisdom, you'll be able to experience an emerging world of others who share your vision for a positive future."

3. http://www.kiad.livejournal.com/ - A blog created by Mlle. Kïad August Arkhangel'sk, who lives on Jan Mayen Island (off the coast of Norway near the Arctic Circle).

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

"For me, this encompasses the pain I have felt with the recognition that the house of medicine has been forever changed by third party payors, patient and institutional bureaucracy." (Glenn Albrecht, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia)

Elaine Siegfried, M.D., is professor of pediatrics and dermatology, Saint Louis University Health Sciences Center, St. Louis, Mo.

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