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Weekly Roundup: August 17-21


ICYMI, some of the content featured this week includes a new episode of our podcast on how to become a pediatric dermatologist, tape strips that can detect psoriasis and eczema biomarkers, latest results of a phase 2b trial investigating phosphodiesterase for psoriasis, skin findings in patients with COVID-19, plus more.

In case you missed it, some of this week’s featured content includes a new episode of our podcast discussing how to become a pediatric dermatologist, as well as articles about utilizing artificial intelligence to detect melanoma, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) World Congress 2020 deciding to go virtual, phase 2b results from a trial investigating the topical phosphodiesterase as a psoriasis treatment, using tape strips to detect psoriasis and eczema biomarkers, plus more.

The Mainstream Patient: August 17

This week’s edition of The Mainstream Patient features stories about hair loss and COVID-19, natural deodorant rashes, cortisone shots for acne, CVS removing octinoxate and oxybenzone from its store-brand sunscreens, plus more.

What to expect with the 2021 E&M revisions

Jerri Ivey, director of revenue cycle management at VitalSkin Dermatology, shares details on the upcoming 2021 E&M revisions, including what changes are taking place, the why behind the revisions, and what steps you can take to prepare.

Developing a confidential information memorandum, approaching potential acquirers, and signing non-disclosure agreements

One expert offers insight into how to develop a confidential information memorandum and approach potential buyers, and when to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Autoantigen array identifies IgG4 anti-gliadin autoantibody

Using a novel autoantigen array, researchers have shown that the IgG4 anti-gliadin autoantibody might provide useful information for diagnosis and prognosis of psoriasis.

AI has potential to improve melanoma detection

Leveraging artificial intelligence as an assistive tool could open up opportunities for streamlining melanoma diagnosis, expanding practice scope, and enhancing patient care.

Tape strips detect eczema, psoriasis biomarkers

Tape strips outperformed skin biopsies by differentiating eczema from psoriasis with high accuracy, researchers report.

K-beauty brand BIOTOC launches in U.S.

BIOTOC, a noninvasive alternative to injectables skincare line from k-beauty company Dermafirm Inc., has launched in the U.S.

Investigational topical shows strong results for intertriginous psoriatic areas

An investigational topical phosphodiesterase (PDE)-4 inhibitor for psoriasis has demonstrated improvements on par with topical corticosteroids in phase 2b testing.

Skin findings in patients with suspected COVID-19

Learn about the histopathology of skin findings associated with potential COVID-19 infection from expert Christine Ko, M.D., FAAD.

The Cutaneous Connection: Episode 5- Becoming a Pediatric Dermatologist

This episode discusses how to become a pediatric dermatologist, including the associated benefits, compensation and responsibilities with Heather Brandling-Bennett, M.D.

This skin lesion may signal severe disease in COVID-19 patients

Most skin manifestations associated with COVID-19 resolve as the disease progresses, says expert Christine Ko, M.D., FAAD. But there is one type of lesion that providers and patients will not want to ignore, she warns.

Phenotypes inform management options

Many patients with rosacea have features that overlap more than one subtype of the condition. A recent publication serves as a compliment to the classification guide with the intention of guiding treatment and management options based on individual patient features.

Dermatopathologist dissects COVID-19 case reports

Expert Christine Ko, M.D., FAAD, discusses case reports exploring the variability of skin manifestation in patients with or suspected of COVID-19 infection.

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery World Congress 2020 to go virtual

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) has decided to move their 2020 world congress online, taking place Oct. 17-25. The world congress was initially supposed to be held in person in Panama.

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