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Top Business Tips of 2020


Cosmetic marketing professional Cheryl Whitman details her top 12 business tips of 2020 for a successful aesthetic medical practice.

business tip

1. Know Your Target Market

Whether you’re just starting out or have an established practice, consultant Cheryl Whitman offers sage advice for matching service offerings with your target market.

2. Tips For A More Successful Practice

In our tip this week, Cheryl Whitman offers 3 simple measures that can help to grow your practice.

3. Know Your Numbers

This week, Cheryl Whitman explains how to keep your business healthy while understanding key financial metrics.

4. Word Of Mouth Marketing Is The Best

This week, Cheryl Whitman details the importance of understanding and implementing a professionally executed patient referral program.

5. What’s New?

This week, Cheryl Whitman highlights the need for practice service offerings that balance tried-and-true treatments with newer, must-have-now offerings.

6. Something Old, Something New

This week, Cheryl Whitman recommends researching trends in aesthetic medicine and local treatment demand to enhance profit margins.

7. Create A Winning Team, Improving Staff Performance

This week, Cheryl Whitman highlights the importance of creating a well-trained staff through continued training opportunities.

8. Your Brand – The Key To Practice Growth

This week, Cheryl Whitman explains the importance of consciously creating a cohesive personal and professional brand to stand out.

9. Public Relations Strategies

This week, Cheryl Whitman explains the need for a strong relationship between aesthetic practices and media representatives in the industry.

10. Integrate New Technologies For Increased Profitability

This week, Cheryl Whitman shares how to integrate new technologies, treatments, and procedures for increased profitability in the practice.

11. Patient Loyalty Is Golden

This week, Cheryl Whitman highlights the benefits of patient loyalty programs as a less expensive option to retain existing patients and create advocates for the practice.

12. Virtual Retail Has A Strong Future

This week, Cheryl Whitman highlights the need for practices to embrace and expand their online presence through social media sites and retail opportunities during the pandemic.

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