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Top 8 cosmeceuticals in 2015


These are Dr. S. Manjula Jegasothy's top picks for best skin care products in 2015.

Dermatologists are bombarded with new topicals and cosmeceuticals every month, according to S. Manjula Jegasothy, M.D., founder of the Miami Skin Institute and clinical associate professor of dermatology, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami. Fla.

“I try to only offer my patients products that have clinical studies proving their penetration and their efficacy in building collagen in the skin,” said Dr. Jegasothy, who shared her top eight cosmeceuticals in 2015 during a presentation on the topic yesterday at the Global Aesthetics Conference, in Miami Beach, Fla.

They are:

1. ATeam by mybody: a high-potency retinol, with a low irritation factor.

“Right now, it’s my favorite retinol cream because I can give it to anybody. Even people with sensitive skin don’t get irritated from it. That’s very rare for a retinol,” Dr. Jegasothy says. “I can tell people to use it in the delicate skin in the eye area without irritation. I have found it to be particularly effective in under-eye circles in dark-skinned patients.”

2. Take Control by mybody: a cleanser with a patented probiotic.

“The benefit here is that lots of acne patients are using antibiotics…,” Dr. Jegasothy says. “This is great for balancing out the skin’s normal flora, so that the antibiotics don’t eliminate too much of the body’s natural balance of microorganisms. It’s a popular cleanser, even for non-acne patients.”

3. Brightamin-C by mybody: a vitamin C cream with proven penetration.

“It has a nice texture and a nice light feel to it, so that I can even give it to oily-skinned patients. And for dry-skinned patients, it’s a good moisturizer. In Florida, it’s great because it helps the brown spots without sensitizing the skin to the sun,” Dr. Jegasothy says.

4. Gentle Face Cleanser, by GlyDerm: a 0.2% glycolic acid cleanser that exfoliates.

“It has a nice, light texture and exfoliates dead skin cells very effectively, even in very dry skin, without causing irritation,” Dr. Jegasothy says. “This is good for everyone whose complection is looking dull. It exfoliates without using scrubbing beads.”

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Products 5 Through 8

5. Glycolic face Cream Plus products by GlyDerm:

“I like to use [this cream] for very mature and dry skin types. It has a nice texture. You can put it on and it makes your makeup glide on nicely,” Dr. Jegasothy says. “The good thing is that it hydrates while exfoliating.”

6. Renew SPF 15 by Regenica: a growth factor cream with sunscreen.

“I like Regenica Renew SPF 15 currently because it's one of the first clinically-proven growth factor creams stabilized with sunscreen. It reduces the extra step for my patients in the morning. It helps fine lines,” Dr. Jegasothy says. “With most of these growth factor creams, the growth factor is so delicate that it can’t be stabilized within the presence of a sunscreen.”

7. Triple Firming Neck Cream by Neostrata: Uses patented ingredients NeoCitrate and NeoGlucosamine to promote collagen and hyaluronic acid production.

“While I’m not sure that neck creams do a lot by themselves, this one does have good penetration in studies. I find that it improves results when patients use it after I do a procedure to tighten the neck,” Dr. Jegasothy says.

8. Perle by Neocutis: a skin lightening cream, safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

“Many other lightening creams may contain ingredients/concentrations, which may not be considered safe while pregnant or breastfeeding,” Dr. Jegasothy said. “It works for any brown spots.”

Dr. Jegasothy has no disclosures/conflicts of interest/financial agreements with any of the companies/products discussed.

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