Top 5 legal questions

As the field of medicine becomes more complex, so do the legal questions that can mean the difference between a lawsuit with a positive result and one with a negative result. Dr. Goldberg looks at 5 potential situations and offers his advice.




Dr. Goldberg looks at the standard of care and how a doctor may think it's being followed when in reality it isn't. Find out more here.






When a procedure is delayed because of back and forth between the doctor and managed care company about the medical necessity, the liability can prove murky. Dr. Goldberg looks at the current state of who woulld likely be sued and how it could be changing.






Dr Goldberg shares how a simple mistake could lead to loss of your medical license. Find out more here.





What happens if one of your employees performs a procedure that they are not licensed to do? Dr. Goldberg looks at which parties would share liabilty. Find out more here.





New practice management technologies can offer new and unexpected legal challenges. Dr. Goldberg looks at whether you could be liable if the software you use has techncal problems. Find out more of his advice here.

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