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Top 10 articles of 2020


In 2020, our readers were most interested in articles covering COVID-19 reopening protocols, Iraqi female physicians marrying cosmetic surgery with a respect of tradition and more.

In 2020, Aesthetic Authority’s most read articles include Dr. Randolph Waldman’s protocol for reopening during the pandemic, a novel facial filler technique, a study examining antihistamines for alopecia areata, Iraqi female physicians offering cosmetic surgery, an overview of four plasma devices, the boom of facial procedures during the pandemic, a review of Sciton’s Moxi, a study of microbotox on pore size, a discussion on supplements for hair health, and shared approaches to neck rejuvenation.

1. Dr. Waldman’s Reopening Protocol

Dr. Randolph Waldman and his COVID-19 director have developed a protocol, shared here, for reopening his practice.

2. A Novel Facial Filler Technique

A recent study shows the advantages of a dermal filler injection protocol for optimal midface volume and lift.

3. Antihistamines for Alopecia Areata?

A recent study examines the efficacy of antihistamines in combination with topical corticosteroids and superficial cryotherapy for the treatment of alopecia areata.

4. The Roses of Baghdad

From pandemic concerns to cultural limitations, aesthetic physician Dr. Annalisa Calisti shares the story of two Iraqi female physicians who have created access for women to medicine and cosmetic surgery, all while respecting tradition.

5. 4 Plasma Devices

Plasma is said to have the benefits of CO2 resurfacing with the safety profile of non-ablative laser treatments. Could it be the holy grail of nonsurgical skin tightening?

6. Facial Procedures Boom During COVID-19

The pandemic has ushered in an unexpected rise in facial procedures, for the eyes and other areas of the face covered by a mask.

7. Rise of the 1927 nm wavelength

According to Dr. Jason Pozner, Sciton’s Moxi fills an important niche as an affordable photodamage treatment with minimal downtime.

8. Study Examines Microbotox on Pore Size

Clinical data demonstrates the safety and efficacy of a single microbotox treatment for reducing facial pore size.

9. What Science Says About Supplements for Hair

In part 2 of this 2-part series on nutraceuticals, Dr. Linkov discusses the role of supplements as a complementary treatment to PRP and the need for further studies examining ingredient relationships in marketed products.

10. 3 Surgical Neck Lifting Approaches

Cosmetic surgeons share their approaches to neck rejuvenation.

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