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This Week in Aesthetics: August 3-7


In case you missed it, this week we talked AAFPRS’s virtual meeting, botulinum toxin for depression and more.

This week in aesthetics, a study shows that digital appearance manipulation apps could increase consideration of aesthetic surgery, nanofat biocreme is examined for use post laser treatment, we explain how the pandemic has changed how we speak, and a study reports on the influence of social media on breast augmentation. Dr. Michael Somenek discusses AAFPRS’s virtual meeting, research shows the anti-depressive effects of botulinum toxin, Dr. Anna Chacon talks financial assistance for the COVID-19-affected aesthetic practice, and a study examines the use of nerve blocks for patient comfort during HIFU treatment.

Photo-editing, Self-esteem and Cosmetic Surgery

A recent study shows that using digital appearance manipulation apps like Facetune2 could increase consideration of cosmetic surgery, without changing self-esteem scores.

Study Combines Laser With Topical Nanofat Biocreme

A recent study examines the use of a topical nanofat biocreme after FXD laser for improved aesthetic outcomes

Social Media and Breast Augmentation

Study authors report on if and how social media influences the ways in which patients educate themselves and ultimately decide to have breast augmentation surgery.

[VIDEO] AAFPRS Meeting Goes Virtual

Dr. Michael Somenek discusses the AAFPRS’s decision to go virtual for their upcoming annual meeting, what’s new this year, and what the attendee experience will be like.

Botulinum Toxin As Antidepressant

Recent research findings show that botulinum toxin administered for various medical indications extends beyond control of the intended disease states, offering an antidepressant effect.

Financial Assistance for the Aesthetic Practice

The COVID-19 pandemic seems never-ending and cases are on the rise. What do you do if you still need financial assistance?

COVID-Inspired Lexical Innovations in Aesthetics

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the aesthetic specialty operates in many ways. Now, it’s also shaping words.

Nerve Blocks for HIFU Treatment

Study authors examine patient comfort and tolerability with nerve blocks for nonsurgical skin tightening with high intensity focused ultrasound.

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