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This Week in Aesthetics: August 10-14


In case you missed it, this week we talked keloid risk in facial surgery, how to handle disagreements when it comes to COVID-19 safety, and more.

this week in aesthetics

This week in aesthetics, a study shows the advantages of a novel filler protocol for the midface, Dr. Anna Chacon explains how to handle office disagreements over COVID-19 safety, a study examines the best lighting for rhinoplasty patient photos, and Dr. Randolph Waldman offers updates on practice protocols during the pandemic. Merz Aesthetics launches it’s “confidence to be” branding, a recent study shows that cannabinoids can alter the effects of prescription drugs, keloid risk in facial surgery is investigated, and Dermafirm USA announces the U.S. launch of prestige K-beauty skincare line, BIOTOC.

Tips for Better Rhinoplasty Patient Photos

Study examines documentation of nasal deformity in lighting from above compared with standard anterolateral lighting.

A Novel Facial Filler Technique

A recent study shows the advantages of a dermal filler injection protocol for optimal midface volume and lift.

Clashing Over COVID?

Dr. Anna Chacon talks how to handle office clashes over coronavirus safety while keeping a professional relationship with co-workers.

[VIDEO] Updated COVID-19 Protocol for the Private Practice

Dr. Waldman offers an update on processes and protocols for the private practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Merz Aesthetics Launches Branding as World’s Largest Dedicated Aesthetics Business

Merz Aesthetics announces the launch of its “confidence to be” branding as the world’s largest dedicated aesthetics business. This is the latest among several significant announcements over the last six months.

Examining Cannabinoid Effects on Rx Medications

A recent study shows the altering effects cannabinoids have on some prescription drugs.

Minimizing Keloid Risk in Facial Surgery

Study authors determine the highest- and lowest-risk areas for keloids on the head and neck and advise surgeons to weigh risk factors before performing elective surgery.

BIOTOC K-Beauty Line Launches in U.S.

Dermafirm USA announces the U.S. launch of prestige K-beauty skincare line, BIOTOC, and they say it’s the new noninvasive alternative to injectables

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