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This Week in Aesthetics: April 19-23


This week in aesthetics, we highlight The Box by Dr. Ava, the role of sun protection in skin cancer prevention, and more.

this week in aesthetics

This week in aesthetics, Ava Shamban, MD, shares details on her skin care subscription box, Pearl E Grimes, MD, discusses the emerging agents that are augmenting melasma modalities, Melissa Stenstrom, MD, talks the importance of skin cancer screenings, and Michael H. Gold, MD, highlights microneedling strategies.

The Box by Dr. Ava: The Rise of Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care

Ava Shamban, MD, makes dermatologist recommended skin care and wellness products more accessible with the creation of her quarterly skin care box, The Box by Dr. Ava.

Emerging Agents Augment Melasma Modalities

An array of agents for blocking visible light and lightening skin are joining the armamentarium to treat melasma. Despite this expanding number of therapeutic interventions, melasma is a chronic, therapeutically challenging disease for which there is no cure, so treatment plans should address both management of the disease and patient expectations.

The Role of Sun Protection in Skin Cancer Prevention

With the summer months quickly approaching, Melissa Stenstrom, MD, discusses the importance of skin cancer screenings, as well as encouraging regular sun protection usage among patients. She also touches on the role of telemedicine in skin cancer screenings, top product recommendations for sun protection, and tips on managing patient expectations if diagnosed with skin cancer.

Microneedling Strategies

Microneedling with or without radiofrequency has become a very popular cosmetic procedure. Understanding the science behind these versatile devices can help clinicians better harness their therapeutic potential and ensure positive treatment outcomes in their patients.

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