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The Weekly Roundup: June 24-28


In case you missed it, this week we had news about sarecycline's efficacy in periorificial dermatitis, Health Canada's authorization of lebrikizumab for AD, the FDA's investigational new drug clearance of ENS-002 for AD, and more.

Dermatology Times Weekly Roundup

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Concurrent Isotretinoin-Fractional Radiofrequency Treatment Outperforms Delayed FRF Therapy 6 Months After ITN Cessation

Patients with acne scarring who received concurrent therapy with isotretinoin and fractional radiofrequency achieved significant reductions in acne scar volume.

Could Tranexamic Acid Be Key to Treating Rosacea?

A recent review found the antifibrinolytic drug performed well in several clinical studies, none of which reported severe adverse events.

Amber Blair, PA-C, Shares Innovative Insights as SDPA President-Elect

Renata Block, MMS, PA-C, and Amber Blair, MMS, PA-C, discuss the gratification of helping patients and the excitement of being on the cutting edge of research.

Sarecycline May Be Effective in Periorificial Dermatitis Treatment

A retrospective review found that sarecycline, a narrow-spectrum tetracycline, may be beneficial for patients with POD.

Adherence to Follow Up Appointments Linked to Reduced Mortality in Melanoma

The most significant independent predictors of adherence to dermatology follow-up appointments were younger age and previous outpatient visits.

New Genetic Study Reveals Bidirectional Causal Link Between Vitiligo and Autoimmune Thyroid Diseases

The study found a genetic link between vitiligo and autoimmune thyroid diseases, but no similar link with autoimmune hepatitis or Graves' disease.

Health Canada Authorizes Lebrikizumab for Moderate to Severe Atopic Dermatitis in Patients 12 Years and Older

Authorization for Eli Lilly's Ebglyss is based on positive results from the ADvocate 1, ADvocate 2, and ADhere studies.

Study Assesses Relationship Between Vitiligo and Depression

Researchers stated the findings highlight the need for integrated dermatological and psychological treatment approaches.

Evaluating the Long-Term Efficacy of Cultured Melanocyte Transplantation in Stable Vitiligo

The study found that CMT is effective and well-tolerated in treating stable vitiligo, with significant positive correlations between the target area treatment ratio and repigmentation.

The Cutaneous Connection: Enhancing Vitiligo Care With Nanette Silverberg, MD

In today’s podcast, Silverberg discusses topical therapeutics for vitiligo and clinical excellence.

SLIDESHOW: Vitiligo Treatments Through Time

The treatment of vitiligo has advanced from ancient herbal remedies to the first FDA-approved topical, paving the way for improved management and outcomes.

Investigating Thyroid Receptor β Therapy's Role in Combatting Androgenetic Alopecia

An analysis explored the feasibility of directing attention toward the thyroid receptor β as a pathway for creating novel medications to address androgenetic alopecia.

FDA Grants Investigational New Drug Clearance for Ensemble No.2 for Phase 1 Atopic Dermatitis Trial

Ensemble No.2, or ENS-002, is an investigational live biotherapeutic product first detected by Concerto Biosciences using its kChip technology.

Social Media and Hyperhidrosis: Facts vs Fiction

Although like count was down for posts from physicians, researchers also found an increase in share count, indicating a higher rate of reliability.

Benzoyl Peroxide Interest Plummets Post-Petition: RSV Drops from 86.19 to 22.06 in 2024, Reflecting Sustained Downward Trend

Recent research has shed light on public interest of BPO utilizing relative search volume data.

Navigating Challenges and Advancements in Alopecia Areata Treatment

Maryanne Makredes Senna, MD, shares insights into the complexities of treating alopecia areata and guidance for clinicians.

Hailey-Hailey Disease Severity Improved Using CO2 Lasers

A recent study found the use of CO2 lasers significantly improved patient quality of life and disease symptoms in the long-term.

Turn Therapeutics' Atopic Dermatitis Candidate Achieves 57% Reduction in Disease Severity in 7 Days

Bradley Burnam discusses results from an in-vivo model of atopic dermatitis.

Interview Intersection: Expert Interviews From June 2024

Dermatology Times is recapping our top expert interviews from the month of June.

Validation of Improved QoL Assessment for Moderate Psoriasis

Researchers found the assessment accounted for those with moderate impact, allowing clinicians to create improved treatment plans for patients.

Evaluating Lifileucel and Pembrolizumab in Advanced Melanoma

Peter Prieto, MD, MPH, shares details of the IOV-COM-202 trial.

Discovering Dermatology Times: June 2024 Print

Learn more about the in-depth topics covered in the June 2024 print issue of Dermatology Times.

Dermatology Times June 2024 Recap

Dermatology Times is looking back on the top stories in dermatology from the month of June.

AbbVie Unveils Promising 148-Week VALUE Trial Data for Risankizumab at IFPA Conference

Risankizumab outperformed other biologics in real-world psoriasis treatment, achieving higher PASI 90/100 rates and patient satisfaction.

Study Investigates CBD as Acne and Acne Scar Treatment

Researchers found that the hemp derivative addressed multiple facets of acne pathophysiology and improved acne scarring overall.

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