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The Weekly Roundup: April 3-7


ICYMI, this week we had stories about the role of dermatology advanced practice providers in a clinic, denovoSkin for severe burns, spesolimab receiving a permanent J-code, and more.

POLL: How Does Lichen Planus Present Clinically?

Click here to answer this week's poll.

The Mainstream Patient: April 3

This week's edition of the Mainstream Patient features stories about inclusivity in plastic surgery, the powerful benefits of glycerin, the best mineral sunscreens according to dermatologists, and more.

COVID-19's Impact on Treating Elderly Patients With Skin Cancer

Researchers said the pandemic played a role in healthcare providers’ ability to safely and promptly treat various skin cancers.

IDP-126 Gel Demonstrates Superior Efficacy in Moderate-to-Severe Acne

Researchers said the treatment is both efficacious and safe in patients ages 9 and older.

Expert Treatment Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

From acne and psoriasis to skin cancer and hair loss, leaders in the industry share their quick tips that help save time.

Cynthia Elliott, MD, Discusses Correlation Between Cosmetic Procedures and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Physicians across the US saw an uptick in cosmetic procedures after workers returned to offices.

Laser Therapy Trials Lack Skin of Color Representation

Researchers say skin phototypes 5 and 6 lack representation in laser and light therapy trials.

Use of Carboxytherapy in Dermatologic, Cosmetic Concerns

Carboxytherapy has been successful in treating several indications, such as cellulite, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and more.

National Rosacea Awareness Month: Pearls and Best Practices

The Dermatology Times® team is spotlighting rosacea treatments during this Rosacea Awareness Month.

Phase 2 KEYNOTE-695 Trial for Melanoma Treatment Did Not Reach Primary Endpoint

Patients in the clinical trial had confirmed disease progression after 12 weeks.

The Role of Dermatology Advanced Practice Providers With Shanna Miranti, PA-C

Dermatology advanced practice providers work alongside physicians to improve patient care and access.

The Future of Immunotherapy Targets

With the advent of immunotherapy, the 1-year survival rate for patients with metastatic melanoma has increased from 25% to 50%.

Zoe Draelos, MD, Gives Pearls on Treating Rosacea

April has been designated Rosacea Awareness Month by The National Rosacea Society (NRS) in an effort to educate the public on the impact of this chronic and widespread facial disorder.

Biomarkers Pivotal in Depression Among Alopecia, Vitiligo Patients

According to new research, vitamin D and serum brain-derived neurotrophic factors may exacerbate depression in some dermatologic patients.

Tranexamic Acid Minimizes Volume, Area of Wrinkles

Researchers say the treatment, which is known to treat pigmented disorders, is also effective in treating periorbital wrinkling.

Pointers With Portela: How to Combat Wrinkles

In this week’s Pointers with Portela, the 208SkinDoc goes to Ulta Beauty to find the best skin care products for treating wrinkles.

Matrikyne Peptides Safe and Effective in Improving Skin Appearance

Following a clinical trial, Xylyx Bio’s Matrikyne ingredient was deemed efficacious in combatting anti-aging effects and improving skin appearance.

Interventions in Minimal Residual Disease Lead to Long-Term Melanoma Control

In a recent review, authors explored the effects of targeted therapies and immune checkpoint inhibitors on melanoma, particularly in minimal residual disease.

New Positive Phase 1 & 2 Results of DenovoSkin for Burns

Cutiss AG hopes to provide a safe and effective skin substitute for patients needing a skin graft after a severe burn.

Spesolimab-sbzo Receives a New, Permanent J-code

Mark Lebwohl, MD said it is a step forward for patients diagnosed with generalized pustular psoriasis.

Acne, Skin Appearance Improved With Salicylic and Lipohydroxy Acids

Researchers said a facial serum and mask containing both acids resulted in statistically significant improvements to the skin.

Fatty Liver More Frequent in Alopecia Universalis and Patchy Alopecia Areata

Investigators examined the association between fatty liver and AA subtypes.

Trial of Lead Atopic Dermatitis Drug Reports Unsatisfactory Results

Researchers say itch and inflammation markers were not met, and trial results are not conclusive.

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