The Mainstream Patient: February 8

This week's edition of the Mainstream Patients features stories about the benefits of castor oil, the controversy of fragranced skin care, and more.

In this week’s edition, Self answers why hair gets greasy and InStyle investigates if fragrances skin care is as bad as its reputation. Martha Stewart discusses inflammation aging the skin and Insider talks the newest blue light skin care attempt. Allure highlights radiofrequency skin treatments and why psoriasis treament plans need a mental health component .

Are There Any Real Benefits to Using Castor Oil on Your Skin?

Is Fragrance in Skincare Really That Bad?

What Is Inflammaging? All About the Connection Between Inflammation and Aging Skin, Including What You Can Do to Minimize It

Addison Rae launches 'blue light face mist' just a few months after another influencer had to cancel the same product due to backlash

Everything You Need to Know About Radio-Frequency Skin Treatments

Why Your Psoriasis Treatment Regimen Should Include Mental Health Care

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