The Mainstream Patient: April 12, 2021

This week’s edition of The Mainstream Patient features stories on fraxel lasers, microcurrent facials, perioral dermatitis, brow lifts, plus more.

In this week’s edition, Allure features stories on perioral dermatitis and why millennials are opting for brow lifts over injectables. Plus, Elle provides in-depth guides to fraxel lasers and microcurrent facials. Meanwhile, Hello Giggles dives into how to treat “flat acne” and Women’s Health highlights one dermatologist’s skincare routine to treat her rosacea.

Everything You Need To Know About Fraxel Lasers

Everything You Need To Know About Microcurrent Facials

I Thought I Just Had Dry Skin, But It Was Actually Perioral Dermatitis

More Millennials Are Opting for Surgical Brow Lifts Over Noninvasive Treatments

Flat Acne is Trending on Skincare Reddit—But How Do You Treat it?

Derm Diaries: ‘I’m A Dermatologist With Rosacea. Here’s How I Treat It.’

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