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SkinCancerOrNot.com | Tests begin on skin cancer detection website


A team of dermatologists is beta testing a website designed as a tool to provide early detection of skin cancer.


A team of dermatologists is beta testing a website designed as a tool to provide early detection of skin cancer.

SkinCancerOrNot.com, a free service created by Providence, R.I., dermatologist Daniel Viders, M.D., and backed by a team of dermatologists and physician assistants, gives users a secure and anonymous healthcare experience that allows dermatology providers to triage skin growths to determine whether they might be cancerous and need further treatment, according to a news release.

The site was inspired by Melanoma Monday, a volunteer program developed by the American Academy of Dermatology that provides free skin cancer screenings with the aim of increasing early skin cancer detection. Locals in Providence who are interested in participating in the beta test can visit SkinCancerOrNot.com/beta.

“The idea behind this website is simple: If (someone) has a suspicious spot and wants a quick opinion, they can get one via the Internet instead of waiting weeks or months for an appointment,” Dr. Viders is quoted as saying.

After creating a profile on SkinCancerOrNot.com, users take a photo of the concerning mole or lesion and upload it from their smartphone or tablet. No apps are needed, nor is a lengthy medical history. A SkinCancerOrNot.com dermatologic volunteer will respond within 24 hours.

The professional assigned to the case will determine the likelihood of the spot being cancerous and whether the next step is a visit to a dermatologist. If that’s the case, SkinCancerOrNot.com will provide the user with the name and address of the dermatology provider who did the evaluation.

Dr. Viders noted SkinCancerOrNot.com is not a telemedicine site, nor is it for patients who already have a dermatologist. Rather, it is being tested to determine whether there are patients without current care who can be helped in time to prevent further problems.

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