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Shaving tips for patients


Expert offers patient-pass-along tips on prolonging the life of multi-bladed razors, reducing skin irritation, and reasons why body wash is not an alternative to shave cream.




Can you use body wash to shave your legs?

You could use body wash to shave your legs, but it would decrease the quality of your shave and ruin your razor blade simultaneously. Many women trying to save time and money will put body wash all over and then immediately shave.

Most body washes contain a moisturizing component that leaves behind a residue making the skin feel smooth and soft. An example of such a body wash is Olay Ribbons. While the skin conditioning agents are valuablea in people with dry, itchy skin, they leave behind the same film on the razor, which dulls the edge. The film can also get in between the precise spring mounted blades preventing them from working.

The idea of the three to five multiple blades is to allow each successive blade to cut the hairs shorter and shorter increasing the chances of getting a close shave. If the blades are stuck together with the body wash, this benefit will not be realized.

Body wash is not a substitute for shaving cream.

Shaving cream is specially designed to produce an important event in shaving, which is softening of the hair. Shaving cream coats each hair and allows the absorption of water, decreasing the force required to cut the hair. This means the blade does not need to be pressed as hard into the skin causing less razor burn.

Patients who are prone to razor burn should leave the shaving cream on for three to four minutes before shaving to minimize skin removal contributing to razor burn. Using shaving cream is essential to getting a good shave and getting the most out of one razor blade.


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How do you clean the new laser-honed multi-bladed razors?

Since the new laser-honed, multi-bladed razors are expensive, it is important to clean them properly to prolong their successful use. If the blades get clogged or displaced, the patient is sure to get a bad shave. Proper cleaning is key to blade functioning.

First, it is important never to bang or traumatize the blade. Many people have the habit of hitting the blade against the side of the sink to dislodge any retained hairs and shaving cream. This will certainly ruin the blade. Never hit or bump the blade.

Second, it is important never to drop the razor blade. Dropping the blade will ruin the blade edge. Even though there are three to five blades, the shave will only be as good as the worst blade. One 2-mm damaged portion of one of the multiple blades will produce a bad shave. All blades must be perfect for a perfect shave.

Third, as mentioned previously, always use shaving cream when shaving. Shaving cream is designed to lubricate and protect the blade while reducing friction and maintaining the sharp blade edge. The shaving cream will also keep the removed hair from sticking between blades.

It is best to clean the blade by allowing abundant lukewarm water in a gentle stream to run through the blades. Rotate the blade slowly to allow all surfaces to thoroughly rinse. Set the rinsed razor back on the plastic platform that was provided when purchased. This platform will protect the blades and allow to dry properly. 

Store the razor in a dry place, not in the shower, to allow the blades to dry between use.




How do you get the best and longest use out of your razor?

The newer multi-bladed razors are expensive, but they will not last forever. Using the good maintenance tips previously discussed is the first step in getting value out of your blade purchase.

Understanding how the razor works will help you to better care for your razor.

The razors now have five blades: The first blade lifts the hair, the second blade cuts the tip of the hair, the third blade cuts the hair shorter, the forth blade cuts the hair even shorter, and the fifth blade cuts the hair as close to the skin as possible.

Rather than running one blade over the face five times, the newer razors run five blades over the face once to achieve a closer shave. For this reason, it is not good to shave over the same area again and again with the five blade razor. Once is enough.

Always use light pressure when shaving, as firm pressure can also damage the blades. If you have coarse hair, be sure you have allowed water and shaving cream to soften the hair for three to four minutes prior to beginning shaving. This will make it easier for the blade to cut the hair possibly doubling the life of the razor blades. Do not share your razor with any one else, as each person will have a different wear pattern for the razor.  Purchase a separate razor and blade for each family member.

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