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Newly Approved Device Improves Periorbital Wrinkles With Minimal Down Time


The Tixel by Sentient eliminates the need for eye protection for patients and providers.

Tixel by Sentient received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for treatment of periorbital wrinkles, the company recently announced.1 The non-invasive skin resurfacing technology delivers short bursts of thermal energy into the skin’s surface without damaging deeper tissues.

Tixel by Sentient is now approved for treatment of periorbital wrinkles.

Tixel by Sentient is now approved for treatment of periorbital wrinkles.

Tixel combines heat with the forward motion of a medical-grade titanium tip. By briefly applying the device to skin, thermal energy is directly transferred to top layers, which creates controlled micro-damage that stimulates collage production and improves appearance of the skin. No radiation is emitted, eliminating the requirement for laser-impenetrable metal ocular shields or eye shields often needed for laser treatments.

Downtime is minimal compared to laser and radio frequency treatments and makeup can be worn the day after treatment.

Robert D. Murgia III, DO, FAAD, has seen positive results using Tixel by Sentient.

Robert D. Murgia III, DO, FAAD, has seen positive results using Tixel by Sentient.

"Sentient’s Tixel has been a great addition to our dermatology and aesthetics practice. Ablative lasers have long been the gold standard for lasting results when addressing most concerns around the eyes. Tixel has now become a preferred option for my patients due to the comfort of the treatments, limited-to-no down time, and the excellent results," Robert D. Murgia III, DO, FAAD with Dermatology and Skin Health in Peabody, Massachusetts, told Dermatology Times®.

"Until recently, the use of ablative lasers had been necessary for successful treatment of periorbital wrinkles, requiring uncomfortable intraocular eye shields as well as considerable post-procedure down time. Sentient’s Tixel uses Thermal-Mechanical Action technology to transfer energy safely and effectively to the skin, also eliminating the need for eye protection for both patient and clinician. Our patients have particularly noticed significant improvements around their eyes, including skin texture and tone, reduction of wrinkles, and skin tightening while also experiencing little to no down time,” said Murgia.

Tixel by Sentient was approved by the FDA 2 years ago for skin resurfacing of all skin types and has been used in Europe since 2011. Sentient is a full-service provider in the aesthetic medical device industry and offers repair and refurbishment services for 84 types of medical and cosmetic systems.


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