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New Way to Detect Skin Cancer


DermTech offers a new way to detect skin cancer without patients having to go under the knife.

A new product from DermTech offers a novel solution to skin cancer detection.

DermTech’s SmartSticker is used by applying the sticker to the suspected skin cancer, rubbing the sticker in 5 circles, drawing a circle around the mole so the lab knows which area to test, and peeling it off. This process is repeated 3 times. 

The adhesive removes the top layer of skin cells and acts as a protectant while in transit. This material is then taken to DermTech’s onsite Gene Lab where it is analyzed for RNA and DNA related to melanoma. At the lab, the scientists check the samples to assure quality and prevent cross contamination. The stickers are then cut to the shape drawn on the adhesive and placed into tubes for testing. It can take between 3 to 5 days to get results from the testing. 

Once the report is received, it will show if any of the target genes are at an elevated expression level and at a high risk of being melanoma. According to DermTech, the process determines risk of melanoma correctly 99% of the time.

This product’s goal is to help patients who are not ready to go back into the doctor’s office, but still want to have their moles checked. It also prevents the risk of patient scarring by avoiding the need of a scalpel. DermTech can be used under clinician supervision via telehealth appointment. 


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