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New Technological Advances in Cosmetic Procedures


At Maui Derm Hawaii 2023, David Laub, MD, shares pearls from his sessions on achieving the optimal cosmetic outcome.

The popularity of laser technology in dermatological procedures continues to increase due to its many benefits and versatility in treating a multitude of conditions. David Laub, MD, director of Laub Dermatology and Aesthetics in Mill Valley, California, shares some pearls from his sessions regarding the newest technological advances in laser surgery.


David Laub, MD: Hi. I'm Dr. David Laub. I'm a dermatologist in Mill Valley, California, who practices both medical dermatology, as well as cosmetic dermatology. We have a session called "What's My Treatment," it's a 2 hour session, which is going to be a compilation of multiple cases, real-world situations. We have an incredible panel made up of authorities in the dermatology surgery field, specifically focusing on aesthetics, using energy-based devices, fillers, injectables, and also topical agents. Our hope is that it'll be extremely interactive. The idea is that we go ahead and present a case, for example, a patient with pigmentation, and we asked the question, how would you treat this, and we give them various options, whether it be topicals, peels, lasers of these different options, etc. Then we go ahead and go into detail about what the actual panel person who presents this did. We educate the audience about why they chose one treatment versus another. And then we move on to another case. The second case could be in the same arena pigmentation, where a different colleague will go and maybe treat it with lasers or some other device, the same particular problem so that the audience can get a very strong sense of the different modalities that can be used for a particular problem, whether it be pigmentation, wrinkles, or reversing sun damage, in the form of texture.

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