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New scalpel increases wound healing


Entrepix Medical, LLC, launches their new Planatome blade, which has shown in multiple studies to increase wound closure, reduce tissue trauma and strength the wound.

Entrepix Medical, LLC, a medical technology startup, announces the launch of their patented Planatome Technology, an advanced nano-polishing technology that can be used on surgical instruments to create a smooth and precise blade that minimizes surgically-induced tissue trauma.

Compared to the traditional scalpel, which can be covered in grind defects from the manufacturing process leading to gratuitous tissue trauma, Planatome blades are crafted with a nano-polishing process that leads to a smooth blade devoid of manufacturer defects.

“Our atomically smooth surgical blades are unlike all other scalpels on the market, with inherent benefits to the patient that are innately intuitive and can be life-changing,” says Tim Tobin, CEO of Entrepix Medical. “By employing a proven technology from the semiconductor industry, then adapting and perfecting it for use on surgical instruments, we provide surgeons an extraordinary version of their current preferred devices, dramatically transforming healing expectations through next-level performance. Research shows significant benefits when using a Planatome blade compared to a standard scalpel.”

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Across multiple studies, wound closure rates when using the Planatome blade were over 90% versus 10% with traditional scalpels. The blade considerably reduces tissue trauma, nerve damage, swelling and scarring, as well as increases wound strength and healing when compared to traditional scalpels, according to the company.

Another study investigated the regeneration of tissues when using a Planatome blade versus a scalpel. Results demonstrated nerves regenerated more efficiently and had less post-operative nerve damage when cut with a Planatome blade than with a standard scalpel. Nerves cut with the Planatome blade showed a rate of 25% recovery at five weeks versus 9% recovery with a scalpel. At 12 weeks, nerves sliced with the Planatome blade demonstrated a 92% recovery.

Pain was also evaluated in the studies, with incisions made with the Planatome blade showing a swift decrease in pain markers. Researchers observed subjects 24 hours post-operation and discovered the macrophage density, a pain indicator, made from a scalpel is 160% higher than from a Planatome blade. The company reports the macrophage density from a Planatome blade incision was not only 60% lower on day one, but also returned to baseline faster, thus indicating less post-operative pain.

“Independent market research has shown that patients and surgeons alike are universally most concerned by the risks associated with post-operative complications,” says Bill Fender, president & COO of Entrepix Medical. “A Planatome blade is the only surgical instrument of its kind that provides the atomic level precision and consistency required to minimize these potential complications. With three additional patents pending, the benefits of Planatome Technology will capture the scalpel and extend to a host of additional surgical instruments.”


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