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New Infinity Dermatology and Well Revolution Partnership Expands Dermatology Access in New York


Care Messenger helps to expand care delivery and respond to growing patient needs without placing additional strain on clinicians.

Clinician using telehealth | Image credit: © Impact Photography - stock.adobe.com

Image credit: © Impact Photography - stock.adobe.com

Well Revolution recently announced its new partnership with Infinity Dermatology, a prominent network of dermatology practices in New York. The collaboration with Well Revolution’s Care Messenger program will reduce wait times and costs of certain dermatology care by providing patients in New York with access to same-day care without appointments or insurance.1

The Care Messenger program rapidly integrates into Infinity Dermatology’s existing digital infrastructure to improve the practice’s capacity to engage with and treat patients in New York. In turn, Infinity Dermatology can expand dermatology care and better meet growing market demands and patient needs. With the partnership, Infinity Dermatology can offer extended care hours from 7 am to 10 pm, 365 days a year, without creating additional stress for existing clinicians, staff, and resources. According to the announcement, Well Revolution and Infinity Dermatology’s partnership is important for better accommodating diverse patient schedules.

"The idea came about because we kept having patients drive from upstate to NYC for care. We wanted to provide a better service for them. Well Revolution and their platform, Plait, have completely changed how we connect with our patients and handle their needs. We've cut down on over 8000 phone calls, freeing up our staff to do more meaningful work and manage up to 10 times more conversations simultaneously. It only takes patients 15 minutes to get a frontline provider managing our low-acuity care. Our patients really appreciate how quickly and timely we can address their needs now. Setup took only 5 minutes. We are now delivering care to all of New York instead of just the city. We're thrilled about what this means for the future of dermatology care,” said Jeffrey Weinberg, MC, the chief executive officer of Infinity Dermatology, in the news release.

The expanded access in New York is also important to address the need for dermatology care in previously underserved areas in the state. Dermatology care is often limited by location, and Infinity Dermatology’s ability to expand its reach broadens its impact and ensures that essential dermatology services are more accessible in underserved areas.

“Flexibility is a cornerstone of Well Revolution's approach and is a major selling point for clinicians who want to be in the driver's seat regarding their work-life balance and how they interact with patients. For us, this approach helps attract top clinical talent, aligning with modern expectations of work-life flexibility and providing greater economic opportunities for them,” said Michael Rubio, PA-C, co-founder and chief medical officer of Well Revolution, and a board-certified physician assistant at Infinity Dermatology, in the news release.

For $49, patients can contact clinicians through Well Revolution’s Care Messenger from 7 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week. The initial consultation includes an intake form to collect basic information from the patient and collect payment information. Patients are then connected with a clinician in a private and secure chat. Patients can send text, voice, and video messages, send images, videos, and documents, and have voice and video calls with the clinician. Well Revolution clinicians can help patients with general medical advice and treatment, prescriptions, and certificates for work absences.2

Well Revolution cannot assist with restricted medications, controlled drugs, opiates, insurance, immunizations and COVID-19 tests, lab and radiology requests, or referrals. Well Revolution’s online services are subject to all health care and privacy laws and regulations in the United States. All Well Revolution clinicians are qualified and licensed in the state of New York.2


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