Nasolabial fold tx: Restylane patients prefer Juvéderm


Patients whose Restylane treatments for nasolabial folds have worn off prefer Juvéderm Ultra, according to early results from a small study.

Key Points

The single-center, open-label trial included 30 patients who had undergone Restylane treatments for their NLFs within the previous year.

Mean time from previous treatment was nine months, while mean time to dissatisfaction with this treatment was 4.1 months.

Moreover, compared with the 20 mg/mL HA filler, 96.6 percent of patients said Juvéderm provided better or much better overall improvement in their NLF, and 89.7 percent reported that Juvéderm provided a more satisfying reduction in NLF appearance.

"These results confirmed my experience in helping to conduct the original trial for Juvéderm - it's a very soft, natural-feeling filler," says Jessica Wu, M.D., clinical instructor of dermatology at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and the comparison study's author.

However, she says the strength of patients' preference for Juvéderm surprises her.

"I thought it might have been more of a 50-50 split," she says.

Many studies - including this one - utilize objective scales such as the physician-evaluated wrinkle assessment scale (WAS), Dr. Wu tells Dermatology Times.

"But we were very specific in that we wanted to know how the patients felt and what their preferences were. That's what's significant to practicing dermatologists - what will make the patient happiest?" she says.

Study protocols required that Juvéderm injection volumes be less than or equal to total volumes of Restylane used, including Restylane touchups. However, no Juvéderm touchups were allowed.

Along with baseline evaluations, Dr. Wu evaluated Juvéderm's effectiveness at two weeks and three months post-treatment, using the validated five-point WAS (0 = none to 4 = extreme).

At two weeks, patients' mean WAS scores declined 1.8 points versus baseline. At three months, the difference was 1.3 points.

Dr. Wu also compared the mean volume of Juvéderm versus Restylane required, and found that patients required 22 percent less of the former material.

"That was something that I had observed in my practice," she says, "but it was helpful to quantify the difference."

Some physicians have expressed concern about the difference in volume between Juvéderm Ultra and Restylane syringes.

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